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25 astonishing facts about plagiarism

UserMark time19 December,2015

As a student, you must know that plagiarism is the arch-nemesis of your academic integrity. In fact, an apparently simple act of copy-pasting can tarnish your reputation in your academic institution. Surprisingly, even after knowing how fatal this act of plagiarism can be, many students fall prey to this menace.

Some of the common things considered as plagiarism are

  • Copying and Pasting from resources without attributing credit to the source
  • Placing others arguments or ideas as one’s own
  • Paraphrasing other’s work without footnoting the source
  • Not putting quotes or sayings of others in inverted commas.

This is exactly why every student needs to be acquainted with plagiarism like the back of their hands. This way, their academic paper won’t be tainted with plagiarised content. On that note, browse through the lesser-known facts about the act of plagiarism.

25 Basic, Statistical And Conceptual Facts About Plagiarism

While writing, you must give credit wherever you use information, facts or data from the sources you found, unless it is common knowledge. You already know this part. But we bet you were not aware of the following facts listed below:

Facts About Plagiarism

Statistical Facts

  1. Plagiarism is a common form of offense among students


  1. Plagiarism Is Rising At An Alarming Rate.

Most college presidents (55% of them) say that plagiarism in the students’ papers has increased over the past 10 years.

  1. 19. Virtual resources are contributing to plagiarism.

According to recent research, the global accessibility of the web has resulted in an increase in plagiarism.

  1. 20. Stats on the postgraduate students of Malawi

A 2018 study conducted on the students of the Mzuzu University of Malawi suggested that a majority of them (86.7%) committed plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally due to the pressure of scoring good grades.

  1. Nigerian Young Academy

Nigerian Young Academy, a group lead by Emmanuel Unuabonah, has been actively working to make people aware of the rampant malpractice of academic plagiarism in Nigeria.

  1. 23. Copyright Act was modified to define plagiarism.

In 1989, several modifications were made to the legal requirement for copyright infringement. It defined that authentic works are no longer needed to be marked with a copyright symbol to have copyright protection. So, the use of already published papers, whether online or in print, would be taken as plagiarism if it is used without permission and proper citations.

  1. International students in the US are more vulnerable to plagiarism.

A study conducted on the international students of the University of Minnesota suggests that nearly 85% of them resorted to plagiarism. This is primarily because they weren’t well-versed in English.

Similar research from other academic institutions has also revealed that international students are caught plagiarising at twice the rate of their domestic counterparts and are more likely to misunderstand the techniques of averting academic integrity violations.

  1. 25. Top UK universities record 40% rise in plagiarism.

According to a news published in The Guardian, some of the top universities have witnessed at least a 40% increase in plagiarism in the academic year 2016-2017. Leeds University has witnessed a sharp rise in reports of cheating. Cases of academic dishonesty more than doubled from 181 to 433 in three years. At Glasgow University, the number rose from 161 to 394.


Plagiarism has been a persistent issue within the academic domain for a long time now. However, complete knowledge of how to deal with this menace helps keep it in check.

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