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7 Things to Do When You Fall Behind in Grad School

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Falling behind in grad school can trigger a rapid snowball effect. If you flunk ina class or even one subject, you try to regain lost ground by investing more hours in one or more subjects. This subsequently affects your studies in other subjects in particular and the course in general. You start skipping classes which simply delays your graduation, costing you more money and time. This chain effect may disturb your health too. There are many students who have come across this situation; and who knows you may also be one of them.

Ways to recover after falling behind in grad school

To counter the situation, our experts have prepared few effective ways to create a sense of balance in your academic career.

1. Ask for help

A dip in your grades has serious consequences like you can lose scholarship money or even face expulsion from college. To avoid this dreadful situation, you can seek your professors’ help.

  • If you are struggling with the course material, hire private tutor who can simplify the complications in the subject. If you think you cannot afford private tuitions, try to build good relations with your professors and program administrators who can bail you out with their assistance.
  • Take help from other students in your program. They can help you with resources and perspective.

2. Take additional classes

If you fail to take the load of full-time course, you should involve yourself in additional classes to make up the loss.

  • The best way to do it is to take up those ‘missed’ classes during the summer vacation. In this way, you don’t have to struggle to keep up with a full course load during the regular school year.
  • By taking few additional classes during summers, you can easily get through the lectures without delaying your graduation.

3. Time-management

Time can be your foe or friend. You have to decide which one to choose? Battling against time or run with it? You will realize that there is never enough time to do everything within the time limit;that is why you need a plan how you should execute the pending task.

  • You can fight this battle by making a schedule weeks and months before you start your work. Try to estimate how much time a usual task takes and act accordingly.
  • Pay close attention to how you should spend your time to make it more productive.

4. Avoid distractions

An important strategy that helps you to focus on the task is to eliminate the distractions during the work. We all know distraction is one of the main reasons of losing focus.

  • You can avoid distracting websites and mobile phones while you are working. Turn off the TV set and mobile phones when you decide to study.
  • Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable. You can easily change your time schedule, if you think it will help you.

5. Balance your work and social life

With so much to accomplish within a short period of time, you need motivation to complete your task. Remember, you need to balance between your coursework and non-academic demands.

  • Take time out of your busy schedule for family and friends; carry on with your social life. Take time to focus on other things rather than studying. This will give you a much needed break and encouragement that you need to do well in class and exams. Always believe that it is possible to catch up after falling behind in grad school.

6. Thesis problems

If you have to write a thesis or dissertation writing and you are falling behind to do the research work, it could delay your graduation.

  • To get things going, you may want to stop the classes for one or two semesters. As a solution, you could use your summer break to attend those classes that you have missed.
  • You can work other way round to. You can utilize the summer break to work on your research and take classes during the semester.

7. Get some sleep

Some would think that sleeping is waste of time when they have a lot of work to do. But if you don’t get enough sleep, your cognitive processes that involve attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem solving getsaffected. So try not to view sleeping as optional, take 6-8 hours sleep every day. We know that it is really hard to get sleep when you deal with complicated topic like maths,statistics or other science subjects. But sleeping is the only way to refresh your body and mind; you will regain the energy to accomplish your task.

If you are concerned that you are falling behind in your classes, take a moment and assess the situation closely before taking any action. Falling behind has different meanings. For you, falling behind may mean forgetting to finish weekly seminar reading or assignment is taking longer than usual. For other students, it probably means missing the deadline of the article. So whatever the lapse is, you have the remedy now. These solutions will help you recover from any situation with ease.

How can help graduate students?

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