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8 Study Tips to Ace Your Biology Test

UserMark time07 July,2015

“How can I score A in my biology test?”

Here are 15 ways to study smarter but not longer.

Guess what? You have your answer here. Follow these exciting tips and you will soon stop worrying about the use of complex words and highly technical biological processes and vast chapters that need to be covered to ace your Biology test.

  • Tip #1 Get everything clear first

Usually, there are several sections in the textbook that are not discussed in the class and the bad study methods that should be changed immediately. They all reflect in the test paper. So, how to tackle them? Here is a simple solution to this problem. Find out the best study methods and which sections are possibly going to be there in the paper by taking your tutor’s help. This way, you can decide which chapter to read and which one to easily skip

Result: You can shred off the burden of reading too many sections and chapters.

Example if you are reading a chapter about human bones, try to absorb the function and structure of the first bone you studied about before proceeding to the other ones.

Create models on the same and discuss with class.

  • Tip #2 Absorb information

Read this one very carefully because it is an effective tip. After classes, go through the concepts you learnt in class that day (here are 11 ways of starting new classes). There is a particular way of doing it. Read a page or two from your textbook, then stop……Absorb the information, let it sink in your mind. Play the concept at least two or three times in your mind before starting with.

Ways to absorb biology informations

  • Diagrams- A diagramatic representation of what you study helps in learning more about the subject.

It is simple : If you want to describe a hand you would say five fingers attached at the end of the palm part. The fingers bend in folds. You can close all the fingers to apply force. Quite difficult to visualise, right??

Now see the diagram

Always refer to a diagram or draw a rough sketch of your own. A diagram is worth a thousand words in biology. Would you be able to visualise bone through words as through this diagram? Offcourse No!

  • Images: Images give you a very clear depiction of a complex process.
  • Flashcards: If there are too many points to remember go for creating flashcards and quizzes with your friends. 

How to create flashcards?

Here are few links which will help you create flashcards on your own.
  • Mindmaps- Mindmaps are the best way to memorise a point or topic or better understand it.

Every topic is interrelated to other topic . So mind map helps you in remembering the interrelation and hence the entire topic. There are alltogether more than 20 topics in American Grade 10 Biology. You must be surprised as to why we have mentioned only five. It is just to show that a single mind map can be created before exam to memorise all the important point of these chapters.

Cell Structure and Function
Cellular Respiration
Cell Growth and Division
Bacteria and Viruses
Introduction to Genetics

Result: It helps to absorb a large number of important concepts and points  and retain it to produce on test paper.

  • Tip #3 Make a habit of taking notes

How you can make the most of lectures? You already know the answer, but let’s remind you once more: take notes. It is an effective way to get as many details on a certain topic or chapter. Believe it or not, it helps you to make your foundation firm. The reason is most professors cover things they think are important in their lectures.

Result: It will prove as a saving grace to you during exam hour and helps you to avoid Exam Stress . You can easily remember tiny little details that you usually forget.

Not only that, after taking down notes, go through it highlight the important ones and try and explain each point of the note with the help of multiple references. It would help you a lot during exams.

  • Tip #4 Gain understanding of special terminology

Compile a list of all the important word/terms/phrases used in the course. Ask your tutor if this type of list is already available. Treat each term as a chapter and try to get as much information as you can.

Result: By studying this list extensively, you get a head-start. Understanding these words will help you perceive the related concepts.

  • Tip #5 Look at old exam papers

Hopefully, you are not too lazy to do it. Maintain a file consisting of old biology exam papers. In case you don’t find one, you can borrow one from your seniors to see how they have structured and answered the question. When you do that, passing exam will be easier than you could think.

Here are 17 effective ways to accelerate study process before Exams.

  • Tip #6 Take a break before exam day

No, it is not a crazy idea. You might think you will forget everything you have learned, but that’s not the case. Rather, you would find it to be most rewarding. Do something cheerful before the test. Watch TV, play video game or even listen to music. For satisfaction, you can go through the content once before the exam day.

Result: If you try this technique, you can maintain the stress level before the exam.

  • Tip #7 Stay healthy

If you are making a frowning face reading this tip, you probably don’t know that mind does not operate at its best when body is taking a hit. Staying up late at night, eating junk food and not exercising will work against you when you aim to get ‘A’ grade in Biology class. So sleep properly for whole eight hours and try to avoid junk food. It helps you to improve your performance during Exam day.

Result: You body will support you in extreme situation.

  • Tip #8 Be confident

Walking into an exam confidently makes all the difference. Start your preparation beforehand, learn the material, revise it at least once before the exam. These things will make you confident.

Result: When you are confident, difficulties does not seem difficult anymore.

So now you have the recipe for passing Biology classes with grace. If you have some unique ideas, you can implement them too.

Form a Study Group;

You can form a study group with your close friends in the class.

  • Try to limit the size of the group to 5 members.
  • Share handouts of different study materials amongst the group.
  • Assign each person a particular topic (on a rotational basis) to study and explain to the group.
  • Allow multiple views and explanations from different students to come in.

Result: Better understanding of topics, quick learning and more resources of learning.

Practice papers and mock tests

Visit library and resources of various biology practice papers and take multiple practice tests before taking the final biology tests.

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