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How Many Pages Must A Research Of 2000 Words Entail?

College and University assignments often come with a horde of writing guidelines and special requirements. One among them is the word limit.  Students must craft their academic research ...

Write an Exemplary English Research Paper: An All in One Guide for You

English literature is probably the universal favourite subject. If it is not a favourite language, it can be considered the most known and used language worldwide.  And do you know what the i...

Basic Research & Applied Research: Know the Differences

Research assists people in gaining new information, understanding, and generating new concepts or ideas. Any research project should be carried out with utmost care, diligence, serious research, ...

Nursing Research Paper – Definition and Components

Research papers are detailed and exhaustive assignments designed to assess students' knowledge of their courses. Nursing research papers test the mettle of nursing students while also grading them on...

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Qualitative Research Paper: A Helpful Guide & Trending Topics

Suppose you’ve been tasked to investigate why young children of a particular low-income locality refuse to go to school. What’s the first step you would take? You’d visit the locality, inter...

A Student’s Guide To Validity And Reliability In Research

Reliability in research shows how repeatable the study is, and validity tells about how accurately a study is measured or what it is intended to measure. Through careful planning, a researcher c...

Everything You Need to Know About Purposive Sampling

A non-probability sampling method combined with both quantitative and qualitative research methods is called "purposeful sampling." It is mostly used by research students as a useful tool w...

What is Plagiarism in Research?

Plagiarism is the unethical practice of using words or ideas (either planned or accidental) of another author/researcher or your own previous works without proper acknowledgment. Considered a serious...

A Guide To Descriptive Research Design: Definition & Types

The generic procedure of any research is to investigate, collate and interpret data pertaining to a particular phenomenon, concept, claim. The primary aim is to observe and identify the various facto...

Purposive Sampling Method | Types and Techniques Explained

Purposive sampling is a non-probability sampling technique used with both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Research students mostly use it as an effective tool while studying a ...

A Comprehensive Guide to Quantitative Research Methods and Types

If you explore the online forums and research websites, you will find that many students are unaware of the quantitative research methods. Moreover, they are even oblivious of the data collection met...

Simple Guide to The Mixed Methods Research Approach

Mixed methods research is an amalgamation of qualitative and quantitative research designs. This particular research paper has become widely popular and widely used across different academic and...

A Detailed Guide on Writing a Research Proposal Paper

Research proposals are written to tell the research committee why they should allow your research on a particular problem. However, not many students have the required skills and experience to write ...

15 Online Research Tips Highly Recommended By Experts If You Want To Be an Excellent Researcher

At least 50% of online shoppers spent 75% of their time looking for the perfect product before making a purchase. If that’s the amount of time people waste on trivial activities (like buying shoes ...

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