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Errors One Should Avoid While Writing Dissertation

UserMark time18 May,2016

I want to ask the students reading this, how is school these days? Doesn’t it feel like there are too many things to do, too many projects to work on?And every course these days has a dissertation to write which is the topic of discussion today. Writing a dissertation or to be precise the mistakes we make while writing itcan be daunting. After all, your score depends on how you write what you did and failing to do that can have consequences. But, the thing is that after doing all the research and implementation, sometimes it becomes really difficult and exhausting to write it all down in complete details. And hence, we may become sloppy and make mistakes that might just cost us our grade, even though the project -research or live- was great. So, we what we need is to be able to explain exactly what we did or will do in the future all the while trying to avoid making any errors.

Common Dissertation Mistakes to Avoid

I completely understand what a headache it is to write a dissertation since I have written a few in my time as well. And dude, it was too much. But, it is a burden we have to bear. Okay, too melodramatic. And I will stop stressing on how difficult it is to write a dissertation. So, we can get to the very common errors that are made and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Selection of Topic: This is the first step in any project dissertation writing. And this is also the first place where you can go wrong. Do not choose a topic that is too mainstream -or should I say too uninteresting- or done by some other student which you know about. I know most of you think by doing something that has already been done, you can save a lot of your time but as I already said taking shortcuts like this can seriously affect you grades.
  2. Adequate Research: The most common mistake of all is doing inadequate amount of research. After you have selected what topic you want to focus on, you should do proper research on it. If you fail to do so, our content might be considered naïve and lacking because of lack of knowledge in depth about the chosen topic. Superficial research might land you in trouble during assessment and presentation. You do understand why, right? Because you are supposed to know almost everything about what you have done or are supposed to do. It is your project, not a joke that you can get away with it without real effort. You have to put in some. And this isn’t even it. While doing a thorough research, you have to form an idea on what you want to do or where you want to deviate from the already published work. Basically, you have to decide what novelty you want to add to the existing resources on the topic. Or if you have a completely different idea, that would be even better.
  3. Avoid Plagiarism: As I have just mentioned, you always have to add something new, something that is your own innovation to the existing work. Because otherwise, your work will be called plagiarized and your dissertation writing might even be rejected -well, that is only when they figure it out, but still. I hope you really don’t want to be copy cats, coz I know I didn’t.
  4. No Grammatical Errors: I hope we all understand the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. These are the kind of mistakes we generally make, grammatically. Some of them similar to these are listed below:
  • Affect/ Effect
  • Except/ Accept
  • There/ Their
  • A lot/ a lot

And there are many like these. And you can have a look at them here.

Avoid making these kind of mistakes, since it leaves a really bad impression about your skills as well.

  1. Don’t use jargon: What this basically means that when you start using technical language too much without much explanation, things can go really wrong. Since not every one of your teachers or examiners is technical, if he or she doesn’t understand what you are trying to say, it reflects poorly on you.
  2. Time Management: Beginning the writing too early or too late can affect the entire timeline of your project. If you begin too early, it means you have started writing without sufficient research and that will be easily detected by any of your teachers. But if you begin too late, you might end up writing the entire dissertation haphazardly and miss your submission timeline. So, you have to begin at an optimized time where it’s neither rushed nor amateur. And only you can be the judge of that, since it’s your project.
  3. Formatting: There is so much confusion regarding the formats of different type of write-ups. It’s different for a research paper, an essay or a dissertation. So, you have to keep in mind that we do not mix up any of these. Plus, haphazard formatting leaves a bad impression.
  4. Proof-Reading: This is a step that can solve a number of problems. All the mistakes that are discussed above can be easily removed through this. Most of the times, we unknowingly make some mistakes which can be easily be rectified when proof read.

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