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How to Solve a Variable Equation

UserMark time27 November,2014

What is Variable Equation in Math

In mathematics, an equation is an equality containing one or more than one variables. A variable is an alphabetic character representing a number (the value of the variable) which is either unknown or not fully specified. Equality is the relationship between two variables. There can be various types of equality. Equation is the problem of finding values of some variables called unknowns for which a specified equality is true.

Solve A Variable Equation

Parts of an Equation

For instance, consider the following mathematical expression:


In this expression, number 4 is called the coefficient. A coefficient is a multiplicative factor expressed in terms of a polynomial, a series or an expression. 7 and 5 are called constants. In Algebra, a constant is a number on its own or sometimes a letter such as a, b or c which stand for a fixed number. Unlike a constant, a variable is a symbol for a number whose value is unknown to us. So in the above expression, what is the value of variable x?

If 4x-7=5 then,

4x=5 +7

Or 4x= 12

Or x=12/4

Or x= 3

This is how you find the value of a variable. Solving equations containing variables is an important exercise in subjects like physics and mathematics. For instance, in physics if you know the current through a circuit and the total resistance, we can easily find out the voltage. You can use the equation,

Voltage= current + resistance to get the value of voltage.

Types of Variable Equations

Variables might come in different kinds of equations:

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