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A Detailed Guideline On How To Write A Resume Summary + Examples

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So, you have just graduated from college and you know it’s time to work on your resume that can help you land your dream job. There are plenty of guidelines out there for writing an impressive resume. So, this blog is not going to bore you with all that. Instead, let’s talk about the most significant part of a resume that is often overlooked by candidates- the resume summary statement. It is a professional statement that wraps up your overall skills, relevant experience and achievements. It is the first thing that your employers see in your resume and then decides whether to read the rest of the resume or not.

Remember, your employers or hiring managers are busy people. They receive dozens or even thousands of resumes every single day. With a short and precise professional summary for a resume, it becomes easier for employers to decide whether or not to invest time in reading your whole resume. So, here’s how to write a good resume summary that will increase your employability chances.

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How to write a summary for a resume?

Yes, the resume statement is important. But, writing it without any prior planning will not guarantee your employability. You have to demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the particular job and company in the resume statement. Read on to understand what to put in the summary of a resume while resume building.

  • Do your research

Your resume statement should convey your skills and experience without annoying your potential employers, ensuring it remains tailored to the specific job requirements. It should be relevant to the position you’re applying for. So, before applying for a job, read the job description carefully and ensure your resume writing incorporates the skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to that job description in your summary.

For instance, let’s say you want to apply for the job role of a ‘fashion designer.’ But, you have included information like “movie enthusiast, music lover, passionate resume writer” in the summary statement. Wouldn’t that confuse your employers? So, tailor your summary statement as per the requirements mentioned in the job description.

  • Use the limited space PRECISELY

You need to include the summary statement at the top of the resume. That means you have to make the best use of the limited space available. After reading the job description, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are they searching for?
  • Had I posted the job, what would I look for?
  • What kind of qualities are the employers looking for?

In case you are wondering how long a resume summary should be, remember it is always better to note the answers down in four to six bullets. You can also write the same in a short paragraph (two to three sentences.)

  • Organise the significant pieces of information

By this time, you know what the employers are looking for. So, organise the details in a laser-focused manner. Here are the tips to follow to arrange your information in an impressive way.

  • List down your top-selling points

Write down three to four things that are unique to you and are relevant to the job you are applying for. Let’s assume you want to apply for the job role of a ‘sales executive.’ So, your USPs or Unique Selling Points would be something like ‘establish good working relationships’, ‘understand the need of business clients’, etc. Make sure you list down the things that you enjoy and not just for the sake of filling up space.

  • Highlight your career highlights

Mention all your key achievements and relevant experience. The accomplishments should be relevant to your job. It will help your employers understand how qualified you are for the specific job. If you have done internships, include that too.

  • Write down your key strengths

The resume statement is the shorter version of your overall resume. It convinces your employers to call you up for an interview or at least read the entire resume. Mention the strengths that align with the company job requirements.

  • Begin the statement with a title

You should try to connect with your employer professionally as soon as possible via the resume statement. So, begin the summary with an impressive title. No matter who is reading your resume, they would always appreciate it if you let them know about yourself at a glance.

Many candidates lose their employability chance because their resumes didn’t have a summary statement. So, take your time to write this section as precisely as possible.

Creative resume summary examples to help you get going

Example 1 (Administrative Assistant)

Hard-working administrative assistant with over one year of experience as an intern at a reputed firm. Organised meetings and schedules of five teams while doing general admin duties. Eager to contribute to your firm with my skill in managing appointments and communications.

Example 2 (Nurse)

Master’s degree in nursing with two years of experience as an intern at [your nursing school.] Seeking to use relevant knowledge and experience to provide value to your organisation. At [organisation’s name], I coordinated with the doctor and took care of 12 patients with communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Example 3 (Executive)

Highly motivated web executive with 3+ years experience in multiple temporary and seasonal jobs. Seeking to use my communication skills and presence of mind to keep clients happy. Familiar with various departments such as conflict resolution, customer service and team motivation.

Wrapping Up,

It’s not that easy to drive the attention of your hiring managers amidst thousands of similar resumes. But, a resume summary statement can make this easier for you. It not only reflects your expertise and skills but also convinces the readers to read your entire resume.

Seek Resume Summary Writing Help From Us

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