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What Influences Tennis Players to Participate: Research Questions

What can Tennis Canada do to promote Tennis in the minds of potential players?

What’s in the minds of potential, current and former tennis players that influences them to participate in pursuing tennis?


Research Questions

1. What can Tennis Canada do to promote Tennis in the minds of potential players? – This is general, but if collecting would provide a sound marketing strategy utilizing information collected on the minds of potential players. 

2. What can Tennis Canada do to continue to promote Tennis in the minds of current player? – This will provide information to inform the marketing strategy to retain current players.

3. What factors that leads to former players leaving Tennis? – If data can be collected on the reasons former players leave Tennis, Tennis Canada can develop marketing material, program and strategies catered to this group. I.e. if it was found that 90% of the sample group indicated it is because it require a year long commitment and it is expensive then Tennis Canada can consider flexible memberships such as month to month, or offer a discounted rate based on classifications i.e. “Seniors Tennis”, “Youth Tennis”, employer discounts etc. which could be reflected in the mass marketing. 

4. Should we study the demographics of current Tennis players? This is to consider whether it would be worthwhile to understand the demographics of the current attendees. If trends can be found, then marketing can either be catered towards continuing to attract these types of groups and/or strategies can be used to increase memberships in the lower categories. 

5. What is the majority age group of the current Tennis players? This is for target marketing to retain players but also a means to understand the lack of participation from other age groups which could assist in developing marketing strategies. I.e. if it is noted that there was a lack of membership within the age group of 21 and under, perhaps utilizing push-marketing via social media (platforms commonly used by this age group) would be more impactful than a giant billboard at the side of highway 401. 

6. How many people visited Tennis Canada to inquire about enrollment but didn’t follow through? – This provides a database of already interested players who for whatever reason sign up for a membership. Knowing why they didn’t know is critical because Tennis Canada can then consider the barriers in their services and the marketing. I.e. if it was discovered that people mostly didn’t join because of the cost, then options can be developed by Tennis Canada to attract those who are interested but price was the issue. As studied in Casper and Stallino (2007) purchase behaviour had a significant impact on whether players followed through with purchasing the membership and staying with the organization. When a comparison was made to the theme “participation frequency” Casper and Stallino (2007) found that:

 When compared to participation frequency the psychological intention of purchasing equipment involves more prior through (e.g. budget decisions and hence, is a better outcome of commitment to play tennis. (p.271)

7. What’s the percentage of current players are male vs female? – For target marketing 

8. Would teaching tennis at elementary school influence future player’s decisions to pursue the sport later in life? – To collect data on whether it would be helpful for potential participants if the habit and interest of playing Tennis starts at a young age. 

9. How many people in Tennis Canada choose Tennis as their first go-to sport for stress management? - To inform the marketing as a tool for wellness rather than an elite competitive sport

10. How many of our current attendees are from the higher income bracket? – Depending on what the data shows, Tennis Canada can focus on creating more affordable programs and work towards reducing barriers to entry. 

 What’s your emotional state for current and former players when participating in Tennis Canada? – To inform the marketing to portray Tennis Canada as a means for health and wellness and that the return on the investment for equipment and membership is worth the wellness and contentment you experience when playing Tennis at Tennis Canada

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