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IST 615 Business Intelligence  

Referencing Styles : Not Selected | Pages : 9

Task:   This assignment requires understanding the concepts explained in data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning sections.(a) For this exercise, your goal is to build a model to identify inputs or predictors that differentiate risky customers from others (based on patterns pertaining to previous customers) and then use those inputs to predict new risky customers. This sample case is typical for this domain. The sample data t...

Read More arrow United States 18 Business Intelligence Cleveland State University 

PRJ 3036 Research Project II  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 4

Discuss perspectives, principles and theoretical fundamentals in relations to the hospitality industry.Apply the appropriate managerial skills, tools and techniques in managing hospitality operations.Communicate and interact effectively with multiple stakeholders in diverse social, cultural and environmental contexts.Embed empathy, responsibility, integrity and professionalism in making business and service decisions.Function effectively as an in...

Read More arrow Malaysia 18 PRJ 3036 Research Project II Sunway University 

STA1003 Statistics  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 44

Question 1(4marks):Google ‘bad graph’. Fromany of the numerous examples that will be shown in the search results, select onethat relates in some way to your field of study. Include a picture of the graph(0.5 mark)and the URL(0.5 mark)in your answer.Based on the criteria discussed in the lecture and tutorial, identify andexplain three things you think make it a ‘bad graph’and whichcould lead to the graph being misinterprete...

Read More arrow Australia 18 statistics Australian Catholic University 

CP3403 Data Mining  

Referencing Styles : IEEE | Pages : 4

Task: The assessment structure has been designed to give you an opportunity to develop and demonstrate both individual ability as well as teamwork skills. Assignments can be worked as a group (three students at maximum except exceptional cases approved by your lecturer). Please ensure group members must equally contribute to the group work. Also, all group members must participate in the presentation.  Aims Familiarise with some well-kn...

Read More arrow Australia 18 data mining James Cook University 

BIOSCI 220 Quantitative Biology  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 6

Complete one quiz with one post on piazza commenting about someone else question and come up with question with regards of rstudio for example The main issues with the lefthand question include 1) lack of detail, and 2) no sign the student has attempted anything, 3) no specifics: what in particular are they trying to achieve? The righthand question is great, it shows the student has thought about the issue and has engaged with the material, the s...

Read More arrow New Zealand Burwood 18 quantitative biology Auckland University of Technology 

QAC020X354H Data Science  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 6

This is an individual assignment and you are required to write a critical and informative report. Task-1: Critically reflect on the following aspects of Assignme Planning, organisation and teamwork; Communication, negotiation and conflict resolution; Fair division of labour based on individual group member’s willingness and ability, and putting all the pieces of the assignment together; Your own contribution to the group. If you were to do ...

Read More arrow United Kingdom hornchurch 18 Data Science University of Roehampton 

ADS 504 Data Science Machine Learning  

Referencing Styles : Open | Pages : 2

Using the confusion matrix and report in the Categorical Data for Reviews section summarize the results you obtained using the balanced and unbalanced perceptron. Report it in terms of both f1 score and accuracy. Of all the methods used on the clothing ratings dataset, which of them performs best as a classifier: would you recommend this system to predict product ratings?

Read More arrow United States 18 Data Science Machine Learning 504 Adler University 

CJUS 4370 Data Analytics and Crime  

Referencing Styles : Open | Pages : 4

A researcher believes that maximum security inmates have a more lengthy arrest record than minimum security inmates.  She collects a sample of 225 inmates from the minimum security prison and 180 inmates from the maximum security prison and computes the following data from the samples: Mean Standard Deviation Minimum: 12.4 3.4 Maximum: 14.1 2.8 Calculate the 99% CI for each group.  Based on these data, is the researcher correct that max...

Read More arrow United States 18 CJUS 4370 Data Analytics and Crime Adler University 

MIS 600 Applied Analytics for Business  

Referencing Styles : Open | Pages : 6

Task:   Build a simple linear model by regressing Y on X and testing whether or not a relationship exists between the number of drivers and the number of trucks. Address the following questions in your written response:1. After ftting the model, plot the standardized residuals (on vertical axis) vs. the standardize predictions (on horizontal axis). Is there a pattern? How would you interpret the pattern or lack of pattern?2. After ftting the m...

Read More arrow United States 18 Applied Analytics for Business Grand Canyon University 

STAT6200 Biostatistics  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 10

Paper 1: Read theabstract, introduction, methods and Table 2from Ataey et. al. (2020) and answer the following questions:1.What was the purpose of the research?2.What kind of data was used, and what statistical analysis was performed on the data? 3.Refer to Table 2.Describe thecorrelation between overweight, obesity, BMI and HDI for both men and women.4.What inferential statistics were used for analysis of the data summarised in Table 2, and why?...

Read More arrow Australia Melbourne 18 Biostatistics Torrens University 

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