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  • Course Code: PHAR61780
  • Course Title: foundations of pharmaceutical technology and quality assurance
  • University: The University of Manchester
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Quality Control Techniques Used in Precision Engineering IndustryYou Are The Quality Control Manager In a Precision Engineering Company Which Produces Batch Quantities Of Small Components For Local Industry. a New Sales Director Has Joined The Company And He Has Asked You To Produce a Report On Applications Of Quality Control Techniques In Order To Get Him Up To Speed On How The Company Operates. For This Task You Will Describe How Typical Qua...

  • Course Code: COMM3160
  • Course Title: communication research methods
  • University: Ohio State University
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Quantitative Research Methods in Communications ResearchWhy Is It Important To Be Familiar With Research About Communication And The Methods Used To Perform This Research?  Need At Least 125 Words Name And Briefly Characterize Two Quantitative Research Methods Used In Communications Research. Include In Your Characterization Two Advantages And Two Disadvantages For Each. Need At Least 125 Words Name And Briefly Characterize Two Qualitat...

  • Course Code: NBS8295
  • Course Title: data analytics for managers
  • University: Newcastle University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Running head: Data Analytics for Managers Data Analytics for Managers Name of the student: Name of the university: Author note: 1 Data Analytics for Managers Table of Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 3 Data Cleaning and Preparation ...............................................................................................

  • Course Code: MANG2065
  • Course Title: business forecasting
  • University: University of Southampton
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Table of Contents Data Exp lo ratio n ................................ ................................ ................................ ........................ 2 Summary S tatistics ................................ ................................ ................................ ................. 2 Ana lysis T ests ................................ ................................ ................................ ...................

  • Course Code: CMIS2250
  • Course Title: managing business information technologies
  • University: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : Open

CMIS2250 – SAP Exercise #3 Production Planning Posted to this Moodle site in the section entitled ERP Systems Module PP is a Process Guide document that serves as a step -by -step roadmap for successfully completing the Production Planning business process using the SAP application. There are seven (7) deliverables for this assignment for a possible total score of 100 points. Fo...

  • Course Code: CID1344
  • Course Title: business intelligence data analytics
  • University: University of Sunderland
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

The Importance and Significance of Data Science in BusinessThe selected blog focuses on market analysis and predictive analysis based on data science techniques and also reviews the significance of data scientists in businesses. This blog was written in order to understand the importance of data science in business and analysis of market trends (Medium, 2017). The major purpose of the blog is to review the concept behind data science and ident...

  • Course Code: UGBS302
  • Course Title: research methods
  • University: University of Ghana
  • Country: GH
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Objectives for the research studyPart A The research topic is the effect of the perceived political corruption on the tax tolerance among the Ghanaians regarding the E-levy tax. The dependent variable is the tax tolerance for the new E-levy tax among the Ghanaians. The dependent variable could be measured using a Likert scale. The dependent can either be viewed as an interval data or a nominal data. When regression will be used to explore ...

  • Course Code: MATH1111
  • Course Title: introduction to statistics
  • University: Columbus State University
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Math 1111 Written Assignment 5 Relationships Between Variables Instructions Please answer each of the following questions in order. There are two questions in total. You may write your answers neatly by hand or type them up, or a mix of the two. You will need to submit your assignment as a PDF file. You can use your phone to scan written work and convert to PDF. You may use any software or technology to answer the que stio...

  • Course Code: 7BSP1361
  • Course Title: data analytics
  • University: University of Hertfordshire
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Learning OutcomesKnowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment: • Recommend which visualisation and summary techniques to apply to data in a business context.• Determine, critically evaluate and advise on which aspects of statistical methodology apply to problems occurring in a business context. Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment: • Design methods to collect/gather data in a way that is suitable f...

  • Course Code: ACFI3425
  • Course Title: advanced business intelligence
  • University: De Montfort University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Relevant Learning OutcomesThis assessment engages you with the process of building a database, automate reports and utilise your experience in using Power Query, Power Pivot, Pivot Tables and VBA. a) Apply presentation and visualisation methods for efficient and dynamic reporting on share performance against market index. b) Formulate Macros and VBA codes to automate calculations and reporting. c) Consolidate multi-dimensional data ...

  • Course Code: MTH2003
  • Course Title: precalculus and elements of calculus 1a
  • University: University of Exeter
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

QuestionsInstructions: Answer each of the following questions and include screenshots of your handwritten work to support your answers. Your final submission should be a Word doc or a pdf. The questions should be done with a group of 2-3 other students. List their names and a description of their contribution at the end of the document. 1. We begin by looking at the prototypical confidence interval (CI): Using the context of the heights of...

  • Course Code: CS5100J
  • Course Title: data analysis
  • University: Royal Holloway University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Task 1: Implementing Random ForestLearning outcomes assessed The learning outcomes assessed are: develop, validate, evaluate, and use effectively machine learning models; apply methods and techniques such as ensemble methods and clustering; extract value and insight from data; implement machine-learning algorithms. Task 1: Implementing Random Forest (50 marks) You are asked to implement random forest for a regression problem. Rand...

  • Course Code: BIOS5300
  • Course Title: principles of biostatistics)
  • University: University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Manual ComputationFor exercises 6.2.1 and 6.2.3 construct 90, 95 and 99 percent confidence intervals for the population mean, and state the practical and probabilistic interpretations of each. Indicate which interpretation you think would be more appropriate to use when discussing confidence intervals with someone who has not had a course in statistics, and state the reason for your choice. Explain why the three intervals you construct are n...

  • Course Code: BE883
  • Course Title: data and analytics
  • University: University of Essex
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Oxford

The purpose of this assignment is to and foster your ability to critically evaluate organizational approaches to data collection, management, analysis, communication and application of data analytic techniques introduced in the module, in order to generate actionable insights within the environment of your organization. The report you submit should be 2,500 words in length. You are allowed to consult any sources (e.g. books, research papers, r...

  • Course Code: NURS4302
  • Course Title: statistics
  • University: The University of Hong Kong
  • Country: HK
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Part I: Problems The following information will be used for Questions 1-7. Missed nursing care (MNC) has been a global concern. A study examined how the nursing staff with different roles reported MNC differently. The study recruited 334 registered nurses (RNs) and 210 practical nurses (PNs) in acute care hospitals in Iceland. They completed a questionnaire, based on which an MNC score that assesses the extent of MNC is calculated. The MNC ...

  • Course Code: QAB020C408A
  • Course Title: international business with data analytics
  • University: University of Bedfordshire
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Tasks overview1. Review your previously submitted work and read carefully the feedback given by the marker.2. Use this feedback to help you revisit and rewrite your work, improving it in the areas identified as weak in the original marking process3. Include with your resubmission an additional reflective statement of up to 300 words (ideally at the start of the document before the report itself) on what you understand was weak, how you set abo...

  • Course Code: FE7066
  • Course Title: data analysis for global business
  • University: London Metropolitan University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

BackgroundWith the increasing disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-related information, more and more Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are expected to establish internal mechanisms within their businesses that lead towards more sustainable behaviour, such as integrating CSR-related aspects into existing management control systems. A study was conducted in 2021 to examine the drivers of the existence of such CSR-related ...

  • Course Code: BUS204
  • Course Title: Business Statistics
  • University: Saylor Academy
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Questions: Discussion of Quantitative Techniques Used in a Journal Article: This document is your formal analysis of the quantitative methods used by the author of and economic journal article.  Question 1: What methods and data were used for the article?  Were proper quantitative procedures followed by the author?  Question 2: What key or critical information was not addressed by the author to support his/her conclusion(s)?&...

  • Course Code: BDAT1008
  • Course Title: data collection and curation
  • University: Georgian College
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Creating a Table and Handling Missing ValuesUse the cars dataset, answer the following questions in Apache Spark. 1. Write a Spark DataFrames query to create a table called used_cars from data. Use a schema that is appropriate for the column headings 2. Look at the date column of the table used_cars. Why does the date column have allNULL values? 3. Bonus: Create a table such that the date column is read correctly based on the format i...

  • Course Code: PSY6068
  • Course Title: research methods: multivariate statistics
  • University: Alliant International University
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Which is not one of the steps for Prepping the data for analysis: reverse scoring any necessary items in the measure checking reliability of the measure deciding whether or not to reject the null hypothesis computing overall score for the measure A MANOVA is an example of ______________ statistics. univariate bivariate multivariate A 3x2 ANOVA refers to an analysis with: 2 IVs with 3 levels each 2 IVs: one with 3 levels an...

  • Course Code: BIO2003
  • Course Title: Approaches To Experimental Research
  • University: Middlesex University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

The problemIntroduction The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requests you to analyse information obtained from an accredited laboratory which has analysed worker blood samples from four different chemical industries. The HSE wants to know if there is any cause for concern that the workers may potentially be affected by exposure to organic solvents resulting in liver damage.  Data for four industries, all of which use a range of potentiall...

  • Course Code: COMP 2209
  • Course Title: business computer applications
  • University: Durham College
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : APA

ObjectiveObjective • This project gives students the opportunity to work with real-world data and perform some endto-end development of a workbook, without step-by-step instructions.• Students can use a template, to explain the rationale behind the work completed in the project.• Apply the Excel skills that are covered throughout the course to modify and manipulate the spreadsheet, whilst providing explanation for the modific...

  • Course Code: STAT101
  • Course Title: Introduction to Statistics
  • University: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Part 1Part 1Answer the following statements: 1. Define a Population.2. Define a Sample.3. Provide an example of a research scenario and then discuss the Population and the Sample in the context of the scenario (2-3 sentences).4. Define Bias in the context of research.5. Indentify and define the four levels of measurement.  Part 2Retrieve and read the guide entitled Overview Sampling Procedures published by the division of System Manag...

  • Course Code: MSIN0023
  • Course Title: computational thinking
  • University: University College London
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

Learning Outcomes1. Understand how modern algorithmic software technologies add value to businesses.2. Understand how to express and design algorithms in terms of sequences of instructions, selection rules and iterative processes.3. Characterise algorithms and the data structures they employ.4. Assess the complexity of algorithmic code and prepare ‘Big O’ plots based on timings, loop counters and theory.5. Understand, analyse and a...

  • Course Code: BNM854
  • Course Title: descriptive analytics
  • University: Aston University
  • Country: UK
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Aim of the StudyAim: For this coursework you will act as a junior business analytics consultant working for one of the group members hometown estate agency with the aim of carrying out study on the housing market his her hometown. The manager of the real estate agency wants to obtain a general view of the housing market focusing on the housing prices type and size of houses for sale. The Data SetYou will collect your data from a reliable...

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