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Analyzing Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Companies

Assignment Overview

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze how Canadian companies ensure respect for diversity in their workplace is a business priority and priority for all employees.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

• Create digitally-written professional communications for readability, coherence, clarity, conciseness, and tone

• Apply research tools to enhance communication

• Explain cultural intelligence in the Canadian workplace

Ensure you are aware of the College policies on Academic Honesty and also Plagiarism. Academic dishonesty and plagiarism are taken very seriously at the College even if the dishonesty or plagiarism is unintentional. Please also know that taking credit for work you did not contribute to as it is also considered Academic Dishonesty and will be reported.

Learners find the Turnitin report useful for editing papers. The report will include incorrect use of referencing, too many quotes, and paraphrases. If the Turnitin report, for your first draft, shows a high percentage of matching text, this will give you an opportunity to review and edit your assignment for proper citations and more original analysis. Once you make your edits, it is possible to submit your work to Turnitin again. Turnitin will know not to match the text in your second draft with text in your first draft, and so on. It is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before you submit the second draft.

Faculty find Turnitin useful as a tool to teach learners proper citation practices and highlight the need for more learner originality. Faculty can also use Turnitin as a tool to detect possible instances of plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Learners will write an essay researching and analyzing a Canadian company’s policy on diversity and inclusion, and how the company implements and ensures diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

1. Read the article, “Canada’s Best Diversity Employers (2019).” This topic is further explored in the 2019 Canada’s Best Diversity Employers special magazine published by the Globe and Mail and Mediacorp. In this special magazine, Canadian companies are highlighted and information regarding their diversity policy and implementation is revealed. Choose one of the companies from the 2019 award winners to research.

2. Choose three of the following diversity issues and discuss how the company you chose has reflected upon and improved these issues in their company.

a. The Gender Pay Gap

b. Gender Identities

c. Harassment Policies

d. Evolving Job Benefits

e. Dealing with Diversity Backlash

f. Bridging the Generation Gap

g. Disability Rights

h. Corporate Governance

i. Diverse Representation

j. Benefits of Diversity

3. For each of the three topics research, analyze, discuss:

a. Definition of the diversity issue.

b. The company’s policy on the diversity issue.

c. Why this diversity issue is a priority for the company

d. How the company has improved the diversity issue in their workplace

4. Include an introduction and conclusion.

5. Include a minimum of one digital visual tools to support your essay. This may include, but is not limited to, charts, graphs, tables. Digital tools MUST be original. Do not “cut and paste” images from the internet.

6. If you have personal experience with the company of your choice, you may include your own personal reflection on the diversity topic. You may use the following resources:

The course textbook.

Course Content.

The academic databases may be helpful to you. The databases can be accessed online through Bow Valley College`s Website:

Write the essay in 3 rd person. Only use 1 st person if a personal anecdote is included.

Organize and structure:

Organize your paper using the headings provided below:

• Diversity Issues

• Policies

• Challenges

• How has the Company Improved?

 Proofread for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and English language usage.

 All submissions must be run through Turnitin, which is anti-plagiarism software used by Bow Valley College (once the instructor enables the Turnitin function, all assignments which are submitted through the dropbox will automatically be run through the Turnitin program.

Please review the Academic Honesty Module with respect to academic honesty and plagiarism. This information is located on Brightspace/D2L within the Program pages. (Location: > Select your Program of Study under the heading My Programs > Select the Academic Honesty Module under the Content Browser)

 You will receive a mark of zero if your work is copied or plagiarized and further disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the academic honesty policy.

Your paper will be marked in accordance with the Rubric attached to this assignment.

Submit your assignment in to the Brightspace/D2L dropbox provided.

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