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Creating a Performance Improvement Plan: Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the Importance of a Performance Improvement Plan

practice writing one You are to pretend you are a manager for a company who has had an employee who has been having issues with tardiness (in other words,is not showing up for work on time) and it is creating issues for customers and coworkers.This employee,Joe Wells,is your receptionist and is responsible for greeting your customers and answering all incoming phone calls.He is required to be at work for 9 a.m.Monday to Friday.Your homework is to create a Performance Improvement Plan for Joe Wells,who has been late everyday for the last two weeks. 

  • Identify two ways you can try to avoid any biases or legal issues in dealing with performance management.
  • 360 degree appraisal–what is it? What is some advice to make 360 degree appraisals effective?
  • Who should be conducting the performance appraisals?
  • Performance Appraisal problems.
  • Why is it important to provide ongoing feedback to employees instead of waiting for the annual performance evaluation?
  • Identify ways you could evaluate a training program to ensure it’s been effective?
  • Difference between orientation,training,development.
  • Purpose of orientation.
  • What things should be included in an orientation program?
  • Issues/problems with orientation programs?
  • AODA–one of your homework activities was to complete the AODA training.What Is AODA? What is something employers have to do as part of the AODA requirements?
  • Benefit of cross training?
  • Direct vs indirect compensation.
  • Base pay,performance pay.
  • What are 3 standards covered under Ontario’s ESA that relate to compensation?
  • Does the ESA require employers give pay raises? Yes or No
  • Worker’s compensation/WSIB–what is it?
  • What are the 4 compensable factors in job evaluation?
  • What is a grievance? When are they filed?
  • What is a union?
  • What is a collective agreement?
  • Why might a small business owner wish to be a non-unionized environment?
  • What is collective bargaining?
  • Based on your definition above of a‘grievance’,is the following scenario a grievance or a performance management issue?

“A senior employee has been assigned the task of training a newly-hired employee.He tells you,“I can’t teach this guy a thing.He thinks he knows everything and he’s already starting to tell me how to do my job! I want him out of this department,and I want to file a grievance to make it happen.”

  • 4 steps in a grievance procedure.
  • Arbitrator Vs Mediator–which one can make a decision that is binding and final?Which one cannot force a solution to a grievance for the employer and EE/union?
  • Canada’s Labour laws–common characteristics.
  • Can employers punish employees who are wanting to form a union at a non-unionized workplace?Yes or No
  • Identify 3 things that a union/management would research in preparing for negotiations.
  • What is the difference between a termination with cause and without cause?
  • Termination notice–working notice vs pay in lieu of notice.
  • Involuntary turnover vs voluntary turnover.
  • What are some costs associated with termination?
  • Is an employee required to give termination notice under the ESA legislation?
  • What should an Employer do if an employee doesn’t provide you with resignation letter?
  • What should an employer do if they have a layoff that has lasted longer than 13 weeks?
  • Constructive dismissal?
  • If an employee is suing for wrongful dismissal,what are two possible results that the employee would be looking for?
  • Termination meeting- how should it be done?
  • Culture & mergers.
  • Things to consider when completing a due diligence for a M&A.

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