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The Power of Eye Contact: Understanding Paralanguages and Body Languages

Paralanguage Eye Contact

I have made a presentation, but I need to improve it and make it much better. My presentation is on "Paralanguages/Body Languages” focusing primarily on eye contact. Things that must be improved and included in PPT: -add fresh new insights that be critical thinking. Something new that was not in the given presentation. my ppt is more general to the eye contact. I want new insights about that and be critical thinking. -Strong Introduction- Captured Audience’s Attention -Strong Conclusion. -Conclusion Tips: You needed a stronger conclusion: You eased up at the end. Always finish strong. A good conclusion needs to be a summary of your main arguments or ideas in a memorable way. You want to leave your reader with a lasting final impression that convinces them of the validity of what you covered.

Try to have one final knock-out punch statement right at the very end. -Needed To Write More Conversationally -make the wording more flexible and easier to follow -Highlight or stress out important words as that would catch the attention of the reader -make a personal connection with your audience. You should add a slide discussing personal examples in your life where you made really good eye contact with someone or even failed to do so and how you learned from that situation. -stronger conclusion because that's one of the places where the audience's attention needs to be grasped.

Eye Contact

-Have you ever thought out why people make eye contact?

-Well, making eye contact is not just being respectful or confident. 
-Making eye contact is one of the most powerful means of communication bridge among people. 
-It has a significant influence on social behavior. So, now let’s get a little deeper.

What is Eye Contact?

-It is a sub-type of non-verbal communication.
-It occurs when two individuals look at each other's eyes at the same time.
-Sometimes non-verbal skills can speak louder than words
-Also, Eyes can hold the audience's attention and express what words might not be able to.  As a result, to get most effort into showing interest, look at the person in the eye and smile.

Eye Contact Anxiety 

-Adults and children who don’t make eye contact are more likely to suffer from depression. 
-For some people avoiding eye contact could be a lack of confidence or shyness. 
-A lot of times, doing things that make you uncomfortable leads to nervousness or even panic attack.
-Some people diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder have a fear of direct eye contact.

Improve Eye Contact

-Often, maintaining eye contact can become difficult for people who are naturally shy and introverted. 
-In such cases, looking at the bridge of the nose can significantly help.
-Practice with a mirror. After a few weeks, it will feel more relaxed when you look into your eyes. 
-If you are diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, talk with a mental health professional.
-Another way to help to reduce eye contact anxiety is to practise deep breathing. 

Public Speaking Eye Contact

-Before beginning speaking, connect with the audience by looking from left, right to the middle.
-Use the 50/70 rule to maintain the right amount of eye contact. 50% for speaking and 70% for listening.
-Maintain eye contact with individuals for 4 to 5 seconds.
-Also, it’s better to start small with people who make you feel less anxious. 


“The Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul.” 

-Now that we have seen what different types of eye contact mean, all that remains is to test it out for ourselves.
-Eye contact is something, and that is applicable in our daily lives, and this is one of the most accurate means of communication without words.
-It is essential to understand what eye contact denotes before visiting another country.

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