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Course Learning Outcomes Assignment on Ontario Health and Safety Regulations

Course Learning Outcomes: 

Explain the laws that govern the employee and employer relationship including statutory rights, contractual rights, due diligence and health and safety regulations.  

Communicate clearly, concisely and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form that fulfills the purpose and meets the needs of the audience.  Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.

Analyze, evaluate and apply relevant information from a variety of sources. Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.  Take responsibility for one’s own actions, decisions and consequences. 

Assignment Background:
In Chapter 12 you studied employment law and the statutory, contractual rights of employees. This assignment focuses on Ontario Health and Safety Regulations.   

Part 1: Reviewing the OHSA – 10 marks

Use the “Guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act” (link found on DC Connect or go to and-safety-act) to answer the following questions.

  1. What is the purpose of Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act? (1 Mark)
  1. What does the Internal Responsibility System refer to? (1 Mark)
  1. What are the three important rights the Occupational Health and Safety Act gives to workers? (3 Marks)
  1. Describe the roles and responsibilitiesfor each of the following stakeholders (3 marks):
  1. How does the Act define a Workplace? (1 mark)

Based on the of a workplace, respond to the following scenario.

You are travelling to an offsite company meeting in your car and you are in an accident on the way to the meeting.  Because of this accident, you miss the meeting.  

Would you consider this accident to be part of the “workplace” yes or no, and why or why not?  (1 mark) 

Part 2: Applying the OHSA  - 10 marks

Employee health and safety is a top priority for HR departments.  Using the information from the OHSA and any additional sources please apply the information to the following two scenarios.

  1. You are a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) at your workplace.  Lately a lot of employees have been complaining about “burnout” and feeling overwhelmed by their workload and work stress.  

    You cannot reduce their workload, but as a team you must come up with 3 strategies to support employee mental health in your workplace to present to senior management for review.  (6 marks)

    What are three strategies or measures the JHSC could propose which would better support the mental health of your workers? Please provide details and a rationale for each strategy.
  1. You are promoted to the position of manager after working for several years in a department.  As part of your promotion you are asked to address some of the health and safety concerns in your new department, primarily that people do not take Health and Safety seriously.

     As a new manager what are two things you could do or implement to encourage your workers to take Health and Safety a priority and to take it more seriously?   (4 marks)

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