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How to Build a Blackjack Game - Simplified Requirements and Evaluation

Blackjack is a popular card game. The objective of the game is to draw cards and obtain the highest total not exceeding 21.

  • The possible card values range from 1 to 10 and, unlike a real deck, the probability of drawing a card is equal
  • The game begins by dealing two visible cards to the player, and two cards to the dealer. However, in the case of the dealer, one card is visible to other player while the other is hidden.
  • The player decides whether to "hit" (draw another card), or "stand" which ends their turn.
  • The player may hit any number of times. Should the total of the cards exceed 21, the player "busts" and loses the game to the dealer. The round then ends and the dealer does not have to draw/show any additional cards.
  • If the player reaches 21, the player stands
  • The dealer's turn begins by revealing the hidden card
  • The dealer must continue to hit if the total is 16 or less, and must stand if the value is 17 or more
  • The dealer busts if their total is over 21 and the player wins.
  • The dealer wins all ties (i.e. if both the dealer and the player reach 21, the dealer wins)
  • The program indicates who the winner is and asks to play again
  • It is up to you as the developer on how you will choose to handle invalid user input, but note the program cannot crash upon invalid input. Options can involve asking the user again or exiting the program with a user-friendly message.

50% - The program runs and meets the game requirements

25% - The code is organized; reusable components exist, no duplicated code

15% - Readability, naming, overall quality, respects PEP-8

10% - Creativity

All submissions must be original and copying code from the Internet will be an automatic zero. I run all assignments through MOSS for plagiarism detection. The Internet can be a great resource but submitting someone else's work as your own is against academic integrity. If you feel stuck on an assignment - please post on the Discussion Board or email me instead. I will help to ensure you understand what to do.

All graded evaluations (i.e., projects, assignments, tests, exams, etc.) must be completed according to the schedule of dates specified by the instructor. Requests to submit work after the due date must be made no later than 24 hours before the due date, and must be accompanied by a valid reason that is acceptable to the instructor. Late assignments that have not received prior approval by the instructor will receive a grade deduction of 10% per business day. Students will be allowed to write a missed quiz/exam/test if they are able to provide the instructor with a valid and acceptable reason for their absence.

The course grading policy is available here: Evaluation Plan & Grading Policy

Below is an example of the game flow, but you are free to develop your own interface and formatting. The objective is to meet the outlined requirements, but there is no limit to creativity.

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