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Questions Based on Presentations This Semester

Instructions for Answering the Questions

The following questions are based on the presentations this semester.

Step One: Answer one question and submit it to me via email by Do not write about the topic you presented.

Step Two: In answering the question you responding to, include specific examples from a minimum of three recent outside sources (within the past year) to back up your argument.  

Step Three: Cite all sources used and document those sources, using APA citation style, in both in-text parenthetical citations and the corresponding Bibliography.

Step Four: Organize your submission in a clear, easy-to-access, professional looking format, including the following elements:

  1. Information is divided up into several short paragraphs
  2. Graphic highlighting draws attention to key info (please don’t use yellow shading)
  3. Your full name appears on the first page (name you prefer to be known as + last name)

Step Five: Save and submit your document as follows:

  1. Save as a Word document
  2. Name your file using this formula: First Last Name-A3T. For example, my assignment would be named JenniferBranco-A3T.  
  3. Submit the assignment via email as a Word document(no PDFs)

Length – you should be able to answer the question in one to two typed pages (single spaced) not including the Bibliography.

Retails Strive to Improve the Shopping Examples

What are the trends in Toronto in 2021? What were some of the most successful, documented examples of retail experience in the fall and winter of 2020? Diagnose what made these experiences successes from various points of view (easier shopping experience, increased brand patronage, etc.)

Focusing in on one of the tactics that has proven effective in marketing to Millennials, discuss a 2020 or 2021 campaign that used this tactic, evaluating the efficacy of the tactic as used in the campaign.

Outline two significant changes to advertising and promotion on social media since the beginning of the pandemic.  What were the drivers of those changes?

As the number of ads encountered by consumers increases, marketers have had to find ways to make ads stand out and to increase consumer interaction/reaction to ads. How have marketers done this since the autumn of 2020? What are the predicted trends in this area?

What 2020-2021 trends in mobile marketing are having the greatest impact on consumer shopping habits?  Use a minimum of three sources, published after 2020 to construct a solid argument.

The Covid19 pandemic impacted branded content creatives in a big way.  Outline two challenges faced by branded content marketers since the start of the pandemic.  Do some research, and back up your argument with clear examples/information from a minimum of three outside sources, published after the start of the pandemic. 

Many of the small businesses which have survived the pandemic have done so by creatively changing the way they reach consumers and sell products.  Focusing in on at least two specific small businesses, outline the creative tactics each used to survive the pandemic.  Be sure to focus on specific small businesses, not simply areas of industry. Use at least three outside sources to construct your response.


  • You have completed all five steps, including all requisite information: /10
  • You have answered the question asked of you and maintained a strong focus throughout: /15
  • All sources are less than a year old: /15
  • You have correctly documented all sources both within your response and in the corresponding Bibliography, using APA formatting: /20

The report is grammatically solid/easy to understand, well-edited
(correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, my name spelled correctly, etc.): /40

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