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Factors that Impact Successful Vaccination Efforts During Pandemic - A Marketing Perspective


It is not an understatement to say that COVID 19 has literally changed life for everyone on this planet. Job losses, disrupted school schedules, and the loss of life have punctuated news headlines and our lives. From a marketing perspective, changes in consumer behaviour have been incredibly interesting. Initially, a hoarding mentality took hold, with toilet paper, fuel, and food being stocked up. The title of a 1959 Peter Sellers movie, “I’m Alright Jack” nicely sums up the “as long as I’m okay, I don’t care about anyone else” attitude of some who not only hoarded but made a profit from it. It is important to say that this mercenary attitude was balanced with kindness and decency from many individuals around the world. People taking care of their vulnerable neighbours, delivering food and shovelling snow were commonplace.
The basic remit of this course is to understand the multitude of factors that impact what we buy and how we use and dispose of various products. Much like a war, a terrorist attack, or a natural disaster, the pandemic changed our relationships with products and services.
While we are currently in the middle of a “4th wave”, and vaccines have been rolled out nationally. That said, cases of Covid are on the rise, with the vast majority of those contracting the virus being unvaccinated. The mere advent and supply of a vaccine never meant that all people were going to take it.
Using what you have learnt throughout this course, your task is to identify and discuss the factors that have determined the success of the vaccines to this point. Furthermore, what factors have dictated if someone took the vaccine or not. For example, was age a relevant factor and what evidence related to this case do you have for this judgement? What can Canadian Health Services do to ensure that the vaccination effort is more successful? How can those who still haven’t taken the vaccine, be incentivized to do so?
• Do not simply list these factors but apply them to the case at hand.
• Critically assess the weight of these factors.
• Although your focus should be Canada, you should look at international best practices.
• Ensure that you apply course material throughout your work.
• Use real-world examples.
Team makeup: This project must be completed in teams of 4 to 5 students.
You must compile your findings in a written report. Your report will be double-spaced and should not exceed 15 pages of project text. Additional pages include a title page (Course name, the names of each team member, the title of the report, and the name of the instructor), a table of contents, and in-text citations, and finally, a reference list page using APA format. The table of contents should include all headings and sub-headings used in your report and their respective page numbers. Corresponding headings should be included in the body of your paper. Page numbers must appear on each page of text starting on page 2 in the page footer. In addition to making references to your textbook, you must provide documented research on the centre/ industry using at least five outside sources (in addition to your text) – so a minimum of 5. Your project should be written in third person style, not first person (so no “we”, “our” or “I”). Your project should be submitted as one document, your instructor will not collate the title page, prefatory pages and body.
Your instructor reserves the right to mark your work individually (as opposed to an overall team mark).
Each group will be required to present their findings to their instructor. This should take the form of a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation will be about 20- 25 minutes in length. This shall include 5 minutes for questions. All group members should be involved in the presentation. Your instructor will discuss this in more detail later in the semester. You and your team will provide a peer evaluation for this project. Your instructor reserves the right to mark your work individually (as opposed to an overall team mark). You are totally responsible for all technology management issues in your presen

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