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Ideas Workshop Portfolio and Poetry Assignment

Choose from 6 Writing Prompts to Create a Poem

1. is the 2% journal This week you are required to submit 1 entry to your Ideas Workshop portfolio worth 2% completion mark. Below you will find 6 writing prompts. Please complete 1 of the writing prompts and submit the poem to your portfolio. Title the poem and in brackets include the name of the prompt. CHOOSE 1 PROMPT:

1. Movement: Write a poem about movement. Use language that moves. Consider things like: meter, vowel melody, rhyme, onomatoepia, cacophony, dissonance and assonance. Try to merge form and content (how the poem sounds should reflect what it is about). Consider also the visual design. Let the layout also create movement for the reader.

2. Internal Rhyme: Write a seven line poem on any topic where the last word of each line rhymes with the first word (or close to it) of the next line. Example: Try your best to write a poem alone in your room in a chair where you might find inspiration, frustration, hope, despair or laughter. After you’ve finished writing and fighting with words and rhymes, find someone you hope will care enough to read it. RHYMES: Poem-alone Chair-where Inspiration-frustration Laughter-after Writing-fighting Rhymes-find

3. Listening for poetry: Choose one of your Life Writing portfolio workshops to rewrite. Using only 50 to 75 words from your original post, try to compose a poem that expresses something similar but in a new form. Consider how images, word play and rhythm might be used to create an experience for the reader.

4. Finding Poetry: As you keep your distance from people in these very difficult times, search your surroundings for objects. Create a list of the objects that surround you. Describe the objects is vivid detail.

5. Longing in Isolation: Using only sensory language (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell), create a poem as a list of things that you have missed the most since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

6. Dada Poem: Find an article online. Cut out words or phrases from the article. Using only those words and phrases from the article, paste them together to create a Dada poem.

7. Conflicting Haikus : Write a Haiku that expresses a feeling. Write a second Haiku that expresses the opposite feeling. A Haiku is made up of 3 lines, totaling 17 syllables. The first line is 5 syllables. The second line is 7 syllables. The third line is 5 syllables. 2. parts is ............... Poetry Assignment Poetry Assignment 10% DUE: August 4th(end of day)

Task: Write ONE poem on any topic/theme, using any format that suits your intentions. Your poetry does not have to rhyme, but it can rhyme. It does not have to tell a story, but it can tell a story. It may be written in complete sentences or using fragments. Pay attention to using language that evokes the feelings you want to convey. Pay attention to the images that you create. Pay attention to the sound of the words. Avoid clichés! Focus on creating an experience for the reader. Length: Any length that suits the needs of the poem! Title: Choose a title that appropriately introduces your poem to the reader. The title could also offer the reader a clue in understanding what follows. Design: Think about the visual layout of your poem. How many words in a line? How many stanzas? Make choices that help create an intentional experience for the reader. Vision/Craft: Your poem will be evaluated based on its ability to merge form and content. That is, the way your piece looks, sounds and reads should somehow reflect its meaning/message/vision.

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