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Aligning KPI's and Goals with SDGs - Assignment Instructions


Assignment Description:

The focus for this assignment is to build on the mid-term assignment and align your chosen organizations’ KPI’s and Goals to the SDG’s. The assignment shall consist of 2 parts: (1) PowerPoint Presentation and (2) Supporting Documentation.  

Assignment Instructions:

Based on the results of your midterm assignment, complete the following steps to align your chosen organization’s KPI’s and Goals to the SDG’s:

1. Pick 3of the SDG’s you determined to be material for your chosen organization, complete a qualitative materiality assessment to determine which of the Indicators under that goal are relevant for your organization to align their KPI’s with. To complete this exercise, perform the following steps:


Review all SDG indicators and eliminate those indicators that are not relevant to the organization such as indicators that measure government transfer of funding or indicators the organization has no ability to control or impact. For each indicator you eliminate, document the reason why it has been eliminated and include it in your supporting documentation.

Once you have eliminated the indicators that are not relevant, list the remaining indicators you believe to be relevant for your chosen organization to align with.

For the relevant indicators, where necessary, revise or re-word the indicator so it makes sense for your chosen organization. For any indicators you revised, document the changes made and include in your supporting documentation.

To complete the KPI alignment, state what the actual KPI will be. For example, if a material SDG is SDG 7 and one of the relevant indicators that will be made a KPI is2.1: Renewable Energy Share in the total final energy consumption, the actual KPI could be % Of Total Energy that comes from renewable sources.


2. Once you have aligned your chosen organization’s KPI’s to the relevant indicators for each Material SDG, set a suggested goal for each KPI by performing the following steps:


Use the associated Target for that indicator as a guide to set the goal for the KPI.

Where an indicator has a “hard” improvement target such as “reduce by 50%” or “increase by 20%”, use this as the level to set the goal at.

Where a Target does not state a hard improvement target but only suggests a soft target such as “substantially increase”, use your judgement to set a hard goal for the KPI.

For each KPI, document how you set the goal and include in your supporting documentation.

Assignment Instructions Continued…

3. Power Point Presentation:Develop a PPT presentation that is no longer than 10 slides to summarize the results of this exercise. Be sure to include the following:


General summary/description of the objective of the exercise – i.e to align KPI’s and Goals of Material SDG’s ( be sure to also list the Material SDG’s you decided on from your mid term to provide context)

Short narrative on how you determined which indicators are relevant for each of the Material SDG’s (i.e Qualitative Materiality Assessment).

List of the suggested KPI’s for the Material SDG’s - include description of the KPI e Renewable Energy Share in the total final energy consumptionas well as the actual KPI itself i.e % of total energy that comes from renewable sources. Consider putting these into a table or chart.

List the Goals for each KPI. Consider including this in the table or chart as well.

Make sure to include any speaking points for each slide in the notes section for that slide.


4.Supporting Documentation:Provide background and supporting information that shows your work for how you aligned KPI’s and Goals to the SDG’s. Be sure to include the following information:


List all indicators for all Material SDG’s. For the indicators you have eliminated, state the reason why you eliminated it.

For the relevant indicators you chose, document any changes you may have made to the indicator in order to better align it with your organization.

For each Goal you set, indicate how you chose that goal (i.e aligns directly with the target for the indicator or based on best practice, best judgement etc.).

Include any other relevant back up information as required.

RUBRIC; PowerPoint is worth 50%, Supporting Documentation is worth 50%.

Details on rubric including deductions to be covered in class.

Assignment Submission Notes:

The assignment should have 2 files and named with the following format:

Supporting Documentation: (Save As: SMB 701 A2 – Supporting Documentation – Student Name)

Power Point Presentation: (Save As: SMB 701 A2 – PPT – Student Name

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