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Python Maze Game: Complete Guide

Level 1: Maze built using Stack Backtracking

Which level do you want to start at? (1-4): Note: once you complete a level you go on to the next regardless of the level you start on. So if I start on level 2 and complete it, I immediately go on to level 3 and then level 4. If I complete the 4th level the game is considered over (the end). LEVEL 1: (as demonstrated in class) Maze built using Stack Backtracking Create a maze of 21 rows x 70 columns Randomly position player '@' Randomly position two YELLOW "coins" in the maze (character 'C') that is reachable by the player. Player can move up,down,left,right to acquire the coins. Once all coins are acquired, the EXIT door is revealed and can be reached by the player (randomly placed) Player completes the level once he/she reaches the exit. *** REFER TO THE RECORDED LESSON VIDEO MAY 14/19 FOR COMPLETE  Level 2: (as described in class) MOVES: 0. Enter coordinates for flood fill (Ex: AC or ACC)> Create a flood-fill grid of size 19 rows x 50 columns. Instead of 'A' and 'B' for the grid, use space(colored green) and underscore _ (colored blue). Randomly place the player (@) on a green cell (space cell) in the grid. Randomly place the exit (E) on a blue cell (underscore cell). Ask the player the coordinates to begin the flood fill. Use the coordinate system described in class (i.e: AC or ACC). Fill in the region and repeat until the 'paint' (cyan blue periods .) spill over to touch both the player (@) and the exit (E). *** REFER TO THE RECORDED LESSON VIDEO MAY 21st FOR COMPLETE EXPLANATION OF THE ABOVE *** Level 3: (as described in class). In this level you are to use the UnionFind code and adapt it to a level of the game. Here is what's needed for this level: A random grid of size 25 rows x 50 columns is created. The grid is simply a random placing of periods(.) and walls (#) just like in the GAME,SET,MATCH assignment. You are asked what is the probability of a wall before the grid is created (again just like in GAME,SET,MATCH) Once the grid is created it is displayed. You (@) are in GREEN and in the upper left corner of the grid (0,0). The Exit (E) is in RED and is located at the bottom right (24,49). The MAP (M) is randomly placed in the grid and is colored YELLOW. You must create a random grid such that there is a guaranteed path from YOU at 0,0 and the exit at 24,49. Also your grid must have a guaranteed path to the MAP. The grid also contains ZOMBIES (Z) in purple. The ZOMBIES randomly move within the grid. They can not pass through walls *but* can move in 8 directions: up,down,left,right, and diagonally. You can only move in 4 directions: up, down, left, right. The number of Zombies in this level is 4 times the number of moves you required to complete level 2. For example, if level 2 required 5 moves to complete then the number of zombies roaming the grid is 4*5 or 20 (minimum of 4 zombies). The objective is to reach the EXIT without the zombies touching you. Enter probability of a wall (0.0 - 1.0) >> .45 If you reach the MAP(M) then the regions of the grid are revealed (colored in):

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