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Tips for Effective Writing and Editing: Creating Impact and Engaging your Audience


Who am I writing this for? Who is my audience (reader)?
Try to make your audience real and personal who would, or should, read this piece? Maybe you’re writing for a friend, a teacher, or someone in the public. Whoever your reader is, you must have one. As you write, think about how THEY will respond to your writing.

What effect am I trying to create? What is my purpose?
Once you have a reader in mind, think about the purpose of your writing for that reader. What do you want to say? What impact do you want your writing to have? How do you want your specific reader to feel or think? 

Is my writing style original and honest?

We look at many sample pieces of writing and literary devices. While it is good to have a model for your writing, make sure your writing is unique to YOU. This is your “voice”—use true examples from your life, and use language you feel reflects your perspective and personality. 

Does my writing style suit my audience and purpose?

Ensure your writing matches the assignment expectations. For example, if you are writing a poem, it must be in poetic form, and must contain literary devices. Do not write an essay or a novel. Make your writing interesting and creative, but make sure it is accurate and appropriate.

Did I use descriptive, sensory language in my writing?
Did I use literary devices in my writing? Which ones are the most effective, clear and exciting?

Did I use a variety of devices and avoid repeating the same one(s)?

Am I communicating the effect I want in my writing (e.g. shock, joy, sadness)? Can I find a different phrase or stronger word to describe something to enhance this?
Do I summarize or use general examples/descriptions instead of specific details?

Does my writing contain complete sentences/lines and words? Is it too long or too short?
Did I use a “hook” to develop style and structure and engage my reader immediately?
Do my final lines make an impact for my reader?
Does the content of my writing make sense? Would anything be very confusing or unclear for my reader? Does it evoke real emotions?


Make sure your verb tense is correct and consistent For example, are you writing about past events? Are you using the past tense? Choose the verb
tense that matches your content and stick to it.
Make sure subject and verb agree in each sentence
Make sure each noun has the correct article
Make sure singular and plural forms are correct
Have I used the correct word? Is it in the correct form? e.g. “I am laughing” (correct) vs. ”I am laugh” (incorrect)

Punctuation and Spelling:

Each sentence should end with an appropriate punctuation mark ( . ! ?)
Use commas after introductory clauses and transition words
Use commas in a series (Larry, Moe, and Curly) 

Use commas before connecting words (and, but, or) in compound sentences
Punctuate dialogue correctly (Mary said, “I did my homework!”)
Did I check for spelling (use spell check, a dictionary, or translator)?
Check for homonyms and make sure you used the correct form (too or to or two and your or you’re; check for “I’m” here as well)

Sentence Fluency:

Start all sentences with a capital letter and capitalize nouns that name specific people, places, and things (proper nouns)
Sentences should be clear and complete (SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT)

When writing poetry, however, you may be more creative and include shorter lines, some of which may only contain one word.
Edit run-on (very long) sentences into 2 or more complete lines or clauses
Check that you have included a variety of sentence structures (having different lengths, using various introductory clauses/endings)
Use powerful verbs, specific nouns, and colorful adjectives/adverbs
Did I repeat the same word too many times?
If I used new vocabulary, did I use it correctly? Does it make sense in this sentence or line? Use your personal dictionary to help you!

"Where I am from poem" You have to make a poem and You Must Include Literary Devices in your writing. Go back to your poem and check you have done this. Be creative . Does it sound good? Is it clear? Does it make you feel specific emotions? pls, check the editing checklists before you submit.

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