dissertation topics it   Online Shopping Cart System: A Case Study on Amazon

1. Introduction

The study is having in depth discussion about the online shopping cart system of Amazon. As mentioned by Roy and Venkateswaran (2014), with the change in technology Amazon also changes their database system and other system. The research study also focuses on the implementation process of this system and technologies used in it.


1.1 Aim of research

The main aim of this study is to analyze the online shopping cart system implemented by Amazon. In addition to this, study also focus on analyzing the process importance in website.


1.2 objective of research

The main objective of research study is as –

  • To analyze the online shopping cart system of Amazon
  • To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of online shopping cart system
  • To analyze the importance of online shopping cart system regarding Amazon and their customers.
  • To analyze the technologies used regarding online shopping cart system

1.3 Hypothesis

H0 – Online shopping cart system is effective for Amazon business

H1 – Online shopping cart system is not effective for Amazon business

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

In context to this Yoon et al. (2013) stated, in current scenario major population is opting online shopping. With the increase number of e commerce customers, Amazon always tries to adopt new technologies and others. In addition to this Westney (2013) stated, for implementation of online shopping cart system of Amazon several technologies are used. Amazon is one of the best known organizations for their services and diversified product list.


2.2 Analysis of online shopping cart system of Amazon

As mentioned by Jiang et al. (2013), online shopping cart system of Amazon help their customers to store their all needs or favorite under this section. That is, if any user of Amazon is searching for product and he or she like one from the list shown. In context to this Hsu et al. (2013) stated, with the help of online cart system user can store his or her product in separate list. The purchase process of that product can be done later or at that time also. On the other hand, it also helps users to save their favorite products at one place. The main objective behind implementation of this system is increasing the number of consumers and decreasing the operation cost. Some of the major technology used in this system are, proper database, coding of webpage and others.


2.2 Importance of online shopping cart system

In context to this Badharudeen et al. (2013) stated, online shopping cart system is very important for online shopping system. It helps users to store their product list in separate place so that purchasing becomes easier. On the other hand, Amazon technical experts try to store database of their customers in proper manner. That is, they try to use large scale database management system for storing information. As mentioned by George (2014), online shopping cart system of Amazon makes online shopping more easy and comfortable for their customers.


2.3 Summary                  

The online shopping cart system of Amazon is implemented for making their users comfortable regarding online shopping. It helps their users to store huge number of product list in separate part of their profile.


3. Research methodology

3.1 Research Approach

The research approach opted for this research study is inductive research approach. As mentioned by Westney (2013), the inductive research study is having top to bottom analysis of the research.


3.2 Research Design

In context to this George (2014) stated, designing process is most tactic stage of research study. It helps researcher in presenting the research study in proper manner. On the other hand, the designing approach opted for this study is descriptive approach. It helps in explaining the assumptions and principles in proper style.


3.3 Research Philosophy

The philosophy help in collecting the relevant information regarding the online shopping cart system. With the help of philosophy, information from different assumptions and theories are collected.


3.4 Data collection

The data collection method used for collecting information are, secondary data collection method as well as primary data collection method. In this research study, primary data is collected with the help of employees and customers of Amazon.


3.5 Sample Size

The sample size regarding research study is five employees of Amazon who work for online shopping cart system. And five loyal customers of Amazon are selected, they all are interviewed separately.


3.6 Research ethics

The research study is completed with the help of rules, regulation and all forms of code of conduct regarding the study.


3.7 Limitations

The main limitation regarding the research study is time, budget and communication method.


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