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David Ball

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New Zealand, Wellington

I have done my PhD in Economics from AUT University


I have done my PhD in Economics from AUT University. Teaching is something that I enjoy and live for. I love being surrounded by young minds and their freshness

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I have done my PhD in Economics from AUT University. Teaching is something that I enjoy and live for. I love being surrounded by young minds and their freshness. I am also providing assignment related consultation to my students and thousand others through Thanks to for giving me this marvelous opportunity of sharing my knowledge.

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  • Published: 2016, 15 Apr
  • 3 Pages, 955 Words
Business Management

1. What do you think was meant by this statement?2. When answering this question make sure you adequately define the terms “business model” and “Fordism,” and explain why it has been argued successful Silicon Valley business models have forever changed how we all think about how businesses should be designed and operated.3. In addition, identify three elements of a successful “Silicon Valley” business model (or other such flexible business model) and provide o...

  • Published: 2016, 17 May
  • 5 Pages, 1445 Words
FIN202 – Financial Institutions

FIN202 – Financial Institutions ASSIGNMENT–INDIVIDUAL “SUPERANNUATION IN AUSTRALIA – HISTORY, ITS IMPORTANCE,SIZE, STRUCTURE, CURRENT CHALLENGES AND SCOPE FOR IMPROVEMENT” Topic: Your topic is: “Superannuation in Australia”, as developed above. You are required to describe, supported by identifiable events, the nature and history of superannuation funds in Australia, the size of the superannuation sector, the structure or types of funds which operate in ...

  • Published: 2016, 16 Jun
  • 2 Pages, 668 Words
Financial Accounting

Required:You are required to select one of the following areas:•    Leasing•    Liabilities including provisions and contingent liabilities (excluding lease liabilities)•    Intangible assets •    RevenueDiscuss the measurement and recognition requirements of the relevant accounting standard. Review the most recent financial statements of a listed Australian firm and provide discussions about the measurement and reco...

  • Published: 2016, 18 Jun
  • 3 Pages, 922 Words
Decisions Marketing

1.    At this point the most likely organisation(s) that will be the focus of my magazine article is: (try to be as specific as you can)2.    Why do you believe this organisation has been successful?3.    What are the other reasons you are leaning towards this business/organisation(s)? Consider the following:It may be because you have a particular interest in the organisation; you may already patronise the business or use its products as a consumer; p...

  • Published: 2016, 2 Jul
  • 1 Pages, 338 Words
Marking Criteria

Q 1 Critically analyse one of the main challenges, barriers, and enablers for cultural competence in health care when working in a cross-cultural environment. Q 2 Investigate the crucial importance and relationship of health literacy to effective communication in a culturally diverse healthcare environment...

  • Published: 2016, 7 Jul
  • 2 Pages, 551 Words
Information And Communication Technologies

Learning outcomes assessed in essay: 1.Differentiate the role of the midwife within the context of the Level Two Nursery multidisciplinary team; (GA5)2.Utilise reflective practice and information and communication technologies effectively to meet their learning needs. (GA10)Graduate attributes assessed in the essay:  1.GA5: demonstrate values, knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the discipline 2.GA10: utilise information and communication and other relevant technologies effective...

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