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Supervisory Management and Training Course

Unit One

Unit One
On completion of Unit 1 you will be able to:
1. Define management and discuss how the primary managerial roles are interrelated. 
2. Summarise the challenges supervisors face in fulfilling managerial roles and the 
demands and challenges of transition to being a supervisor.
3. Identify the purpose of supervision and the major demographic and societal trends 
in the workplace that impact on the effective functioning of supervisors.
4. Summarise the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor. 
5. Explain the importance and methods of employing good communication techniques for effective management and supervision.

Having completed Unit 3, you are now able to:

1.Demonstrate a good understanding of the meaning and importance of Data Protection, both from the statutory as well as the business point of view.

2.Identify and create appropriate strategies and practical tools for safeguarding information and records.

3.Analyse and evaluate common business risks and identify appropriate insurance tools to cover those risks.

4.Demonstrate a good understanding of the basics of good budgeting, its importance for business continuity and growth. Explain the importance and methods of employing efficient techniques for preparation of departmental budgets as part of effective management and supervision.

5.Explain the importance and methods of employing efficient techniques for expenditure controls, for both planned and contingency spending, as part of departmental budgets.

Unit 4 - On completion of Training Unit 4, you will be able to:

1.Demonstrate a good understanding of the recruitment process to include planning for new recruitment, sourcing, screening and selection of candidates, followed by interviewing and the actual hiring process.

2.Demonstrate a good understanding of identifying training needs, formulating effective training programmes based on identified needs, delivery of training programmes, and evaluation of the effectiveness of training delivery.

3.Identify and create appropriate strategies for dealing with conflict, problems, difficult employees and practical tools for maintaining an

acceptable level of transparency in the decision making process.

Requirement 1: 10 Marks 
(a) List and briefly discuss three important organisational policies for delivery of effective services to Irish Hygiene Services’ clients.
(b) Discuss any three personnel management procedures that would flow from the above policies.
(c) Discuss the type of Service level agreement that should be devised for Irish Hygiene Services for delivery of effective services to its clients.
(d) Discuss three important Health and Safety issues that need constant supervision for the health, safety and welfare of the employees of Irish Hygiene Services.
(e) How would you maintain transparency within your team and ensure a 360 degree feedback system is in place. (Approx. 1,000 Words)

Unit Three

Requirement 2: 5 Marks
(a) Indicate the aims, objectives and goals of the company in the form of a mission statement.

(b) Give an overview of the five elements of supervisory management and how they relate to your position in this Company.
(c) Show the hierarchical organisational chart of this Company and highlight your position within this organisation (you may assume various positions in this Company). (Approx. 500 Words)

Requirement 3: 10 Marks 
(a) Develop a staff code of conduct for Irish Hygiene Services Ltd that is in line with the ethos and mission of Irish Hygiene Services.
(b) Explain the methods of supervision most suitable in the context of the Irish Hygiene Services Ltd and, as you would recommend, keeping the Service Level Agreement that you have devised above.
(c) As part of the overall policy, tabulate three advantages and disadvantages of In-House Vs Contract Staff in the context of this company that should be considered when employing new staff.
(d) Outline the membership benefits of any one of the following for the employees of this Company:
• Professional or trade association 
• Trade unions 
• Works committee (Approx. 1,000 Words)

Requirement 4: 5 Marks 
Describe the methods and precautions required to be built in to safeguard information and records in the Irish Hygiene Services. (Approx. 500 Words)

Requirement 5: 5 Marks
Describe the key steps that you would take to employ new staff in this Company, to include the following supervisory activities:
• Pre-planning • Suitable methods you recommend to source and screen staff and what method you most prefer and why
• Advantages and disadvantages of using of an application form to shortlist candidates in the context of Irish Hygiene Services (Approx. 500 Words)

Requirement 6: 5 Marks 
(a) Devise a departmental budget using the following information and derive the net likely profit before tax. Please include detailed explanatory notes related to fixed costs/variable costs/contingency expenditure and so on in your answer to display your complete understanding of the

Budget process: 
i. Projected Sales €155,000 
ii. Employee wages and contributions €72,000 
iii. Management wages and contributions €8,000 
iv. Premises €10,000 
v. Rates, light and heating €5,000 
vi. Cleaning supplies €4,000 
vii. Phone and internet charges €2,400 
viii. Stationery and post €2,000 
ix. Uniforms €900 
x. Motor expenses €6,000 
xi. Travel expenses €3,000 
xii. Advertising and promotion €4,000 
xiii. Legal and professional €1,500 
xiv. Insurance €1,200 
xv. Contingency for unplanned expenditure at 10% (Approx. 500 Words)

The layout of the Portfolio should follow the sequence below: 
• Introduction – to include how you have planned to compile your Portfolio Assignment.
• Separate detailed discussion on each of the 6 Requirements above, with appropriate headings/sub-headings.
• Your Conclusion to indicate the process followed in compiling the Portfolio Assignment and learning achieved.
• Bibliography/Reference List. • Appendices if any

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