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Performance Management and Employee Evaluation

Requirement 1: Setting Objectives for Performance Management

Guidelines: For the purpose of SD (2) you are required to play the role of a supervisor in a fictional company (as per the case study given below) and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the following supervisory functions in the context of that company by completing the 5 requirements below: • Evaluation of employee performance and procedures to be adopted for staff performance management. • Conduct of performance management interviews with members of staff. • System for maintaining work-related records, to include operational records, work rosters for operational staff, and the maintenance schedule for equipment and vehicles. For this assessment you are required to demonstrate how you would conduct a performance management interview with an individual/employee that you are familiar with and who may benefit from your review and record the details as required for this assessment in appropriate formats. You are not required to give a verbatim record of your discussions with the employee. Please go through the Case Study given below in detail and formulate your responses, as indicated at the end of the Case Study: You have recently been appointed as a supervisor in the Sales Department of Midland Groceries Ltd. You have nine workers in your team which is responsible for handling counter sales and maintaining good customer relations with the retail and wholesale clients. With your expertise gained through good management training, you have been instrumental in helping the company in recruiting some members of your team. Elaine is an old member of this team in your department and is now due for a staff-evaluation. Her role is that of a lead-hand in her Section. She is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that customer-care is delivered in line with quality standards and is also responsible for maintaining work-related records of her Section, to include operational records, a work roster for operational staff in her Section, and a maintenance schedule for equipment and vehicles placed with her section. She is well liked by clients and is extremely focused on meeting client's needs. However, Elaine is often late for work and has missed a couple of shifts in the last few months without adhering to the correct procedures for sick leave or annual leave. There have also been some adverse observations on her record keeping, rostering and scheduling of equipment maintenance from the Operations Manager. You are required to plan and show how you will conduct a performance review meeting with Elaine and carry out relevant discussions with her, using appropriate forms/documents. Please provide evidence of forms/formats used by you for these detailed discussions along with copies of sample documents prepared to advise her, separately for each of the 5 Requirements listed below: Requirement 1: Discuss in general terms, in the context of Midland Groceries Ltd. how setting of objectives/goals can help the employees and the management in performance management. (Approx. 500 Words) Requirement 2 Show with the help of appropriate forms how you propose to conduct an evaluation to identify achievement of goals by Elaine. (Approx. 500 Words) Requirement 3 Using general management principles, discuss the following in the context of Midland Groceries Ltd: (a) How to provide positive and constructive feedback to the employees on their performance. (b) How to identify opportunities for personal and professional development of employees. (Approx. 500 Words) Requirement 4 Using general management principles, discuss the philosophy of handling/record keeping of customer complaints and their resolution in the context of Midland Groceries Ltd. (Approx. 500 Words) Requirement 5 Prepare the following sample documents to educate and advise Elaine for proper discharge of her essential duties: (a) Sample Weekly rosters for the 6 members of her Section. (b) Sample Monthly maintenance schedule for vehicles and equipment. The layout of the Skills Demonstration should follow the sequence below: • Introduction – to include how you have planned to compile your SD2 Assignment. • Separate detailed discussion on each of the 5 Requirements above, with appropriate headings/sub-headings. • Your Conclusion to indicate the process followed in compiling the SD2 Assignment and learning achieved. • Bibliography/Reference List. • Appendices if any.

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