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How to Write a Dissertation?

The stepping stones for your dissertation are planning and research. If the planning and research falls short then it’s likely your dissertation would fall flat. A flat dissertation would fail the ultimate aim of your writing a dissertation of contributing your perspective and the results/findings of your research.

Dissertation distinguishes from an essay on the grounds of format and structure. Dissertation follows a stringent structure that varies in accordance of the university guidelines. Students often fall short in the comprehension of moulding their information into this structure. Gathering great quality and quantity of information would not be able sail you through to achieve the grades you want. The factor that would do this is following the structure and writing the dissertation accordingly. Students also get shackled in the dilemma of adopting the adequate methodology. Without applying the correct methodology, the authenticity of the results or findings of your dissertation deteriorates exponentially. Hence it is very important to understand the basic concept of dissertation first, and then proceed with the concepts on which you aspire to build your dissertation. We can help you with our dissertation writing service in Malaysia that would be able to encapsulate all the points and issues that are usually faced by the students.

Structure of the Dissertation

Basic structure of the dissertation might vary according to the specific Dissertation structure followed by the different universities. So the students need to consult with the supervisor to confirm the structure of dissertation followed by their respective universities. However, the basic remains more or less the same:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. Contents page
  5. Chapters
  6. References
  7. Appendices

Outline of Dissertation Chapters

Majority of the universities provide their encyclopaedic guidelines for the dissertation. The students are required to follow the set of guidelines. The guidelines also demarcate the outline of the chapters in the dissertation that needs to be followed by the student.

This is a generic Outline of the chapters of dissertation:

Chapter 1: Introduction

IntroductionProblem StatementResearch AimResearch Question
Research ObjectiveResearch HypothesisConclusion 

Chapter 2: Literature Review

IntroductionSearch DescriptionDefinition of terms
Conceptual or Theoretical FrameworkReview of Research 

Chapter 3: Methodology

IntroductionMethod outlineMethod onionResearch PhilosophyResearch approach
Research DesignResearch QuestionsData collection processData sourcesData techniques
Population and SampleSample techniqueSample sizeEthical considerationResearch limitations
Time horizonSummary

Chapter 4: Results/Findings

IntroductionResultsQualitative Data AnalysisQuantitative Data AnalysisSummary
Chapter 5: Discussion

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Purpose of Each Section of Dissertation

  • Title page

The title is the self explanatory part of your dissertation that would be indicative of your research. Brevity of words is the key to success while writing the title of you dissertation. The title should be terse, crisp, quintessential and illustrative of the direction that your dissertation has taken. Every discipline has a set format for writing an adequate title page, so you need to follow that.

  • Abstract

Dissertation Abstract is a one paragraph summary that encapsulates the basic idea of your dissertation. It should reflect the core structure of your dissertation. Again brevity of words would ensure succinct summary including all the relevant points that are important.

  • Acknowledgement

In this section you are free mention all the individuals who have supported you through the journey of accomplishing your dissertation. The structure for writing an acknowledgment is as stringent as compared to the other sections of the dissertation. Thus, by reading acknowledgments written by other writers would enable you to accommodate all the people you want to mention.

Contents and Figure and Table List

The content page is the section that defines the structure of your dissertation.


  • Introduction

The introduction acts as the elaboration of the matter summarized in the abstract. It also acts the signpost of the rest of your dissertation. It is the first giant step towards the progress of you dissertation. The introduction must preview the literature review briefly. At times there are theoretical conflicts in the literature. In that case introduction is the apt place to state your perspective and opinion in conjuncture with the literature review.

The introduction should ideally be left to be attended at the last. This would ensure that your introduction incorporate all the ideas that evolved in the due course of writing your dissertation.

  • Literature Review

The main purpose of this chapter is to reflect the understanding of the core concepts that were the inception of the objective of your dissertation. Your dissertation should-

  • Describe the prevailing status of researches made in your field of discussion.
  • Identify the relevant concepts that are close to your area of research.
  • Locate the gap between the related areas that needs to be filled.
  • Clarify the plan of action that would lead you to address the gap.
  • Methodology

No matter which discipline the dissertation is addressing, methodology forms the structure of dissertation. The methods adopted in the dissertation are very crucial as it defines the reliability and the justifiability of the role it plays in the dissertation. The main aim of the methodology is to concretize the faith of the examiner that the results derived from the research are reliable and authentic.

Broadly there are two types of methodology:

Qualitative methods:

Qualitative research methods are an easier concept to define and identify.

The data collected in this form of method is in the form of numbers. Thus the calculation and the analysis made are strictly mathematical and statistical in nature.  

The main sources of quantitative data are:

Surveys: It can be conducted through various techniques- in person, through phone or online. Survey requires a set questionnaire that is presented to a large number of people to be answered.

Observation: Observation method involves the calculation of the number of times a specific thing happened or simply by coding the observational data to translate into numbers.

Secondary data: The secondary data refers to the data that is already available in form of company data, or government records.

Analysis of the qualitative data is performed through various statistical techniques. The representation of the data through graphs, cluster analysis or hypothesis testing is some of the techniques.

Qualitative methods:

The research methodology that does not involve numbers or any form of numerical data is known as qualitative research method.

The method involves the use of words or in form of language. Pictures, photographs and observation are also often used as the part of this method.

The unique feature of this method is that any phenomena can be analysed through this method. The results derived from these methods are in-depth and provides clear picture about how and why certain things occurred.

The main Sources of qualitative data:

Interviews: interview is conducted to explore the topics in details from the perspective of few people. It may be of three types- structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

Focus group: A focus group attempts at exploring a topic through the participation of multiple people through discussion.

‘Postcards’: It is a subjective form of questionnaire that allows the participant to answer in more than “yes” or “no”.

Secondary data: secondary data includes any form of prior written data like company reports, government records or personal diaries with the account of some past events.

Observations: observation maybe of two types- on site or under ten laboratory conditions.

Mixed method:

This method combines both the quantitative and qualitative methods of research.

Result/ Findings:

Results represent the actual findings of your research. The style of reporting of findings in differs in accordance with the field which the dissertation addresses. For instance, in the field of social sciences the


In the discussion section you clearly attempt to correlate your dissertation in the light of the global context of the area of research you have chosen. This section would verify the alignment of your research in context of the rationale you stated in the literature review. Further discuss the contribution that your research has made in this context. Address the limitations of your research and the implications of these limitation on your the findings of your research. Encapsulate the whole dissertation in your discussion highlighting the significance of the findings of your research.


This chapter tends to be smaller than the discussion. The dissertation conclusion encapsulates the idea of your dissertation and most importantly is needs to “concluded”. The conclusion should incorporate all the relevant points that have materialized in due course of your dissertation. It should highlight the significant contribution that your dissertation was able to make in your field of education.


Reference is an essential part of your dissertation. The accuracy of the references and the accurate style of referencing provide validity to your dissertation. While writing the dissertation, many drafts are prepared and updated and in this process many references gets added and many deleted. So while preparing the reference list special attention has to be made. Neither the references included in the reference list should left without in text citing or the in texted citations should be get excluded from the reference list.


An appendix is the part that includes those pieces of information that are appealing to the readers. However this information may be instrumental in disrupting the smooth flow of your dissertation.

First and foremost it has to be verified that whether the appendices comes into the counting of the word limit in your dissertation.

Basic Features of a Good Dissertation:

  • Clear objective
  • In-depth research
  • Reflective of the comprehension of core concepts
  • Incorporation of analysis, interpretation, critical evaluation, assessment, and detailed discussion rather a mere description
  • Accurate references
  • Well structured and well designed
  • Interconnected transitions of concepts and paragraphs.

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