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Creating a Learning Environment and Change Plan for Old McDonald’s Farms

Background of Old McDonald’s Farms and Its Competitive Landscape

Assume you are the company president of Old McDonald’s Farms. You recognize that in order to remain competitive, your company needs to become a learning organization. This means creating a culture of learning and developing learning plans for employees, supervisors, and managers, as well as a succession plan for executives. 
Step 1: Read the Old MacDonald’s Farm case for more context.
Old McDonald’s Farms is a large farm system that grows vegetables for companies that package some of the produce and ship other produce to supermarkets. Old McDonald’s has grown from a single farm to well over 150 farms and employing over 2,500 people in various positions. This business is extremely competitive and profit margins are thin. In addition, turnover among skilled employees can be very costly. Thus far, Old McDonald’s farms have trained employees, managers and even executives ‘on the job.’ While this process has worked somewhat, the founder and company president plans to retire in two years and recognizes that in order for the company to continue to grow, there needs to be a clear succession plan to have one or more top executives ready to assume this role. The more the president thinks about this dilemma, the more the president becomes aware that employee development plans are probably a good idea for all managers and employees and not just executives. The president also recognizes that implementing development plans across a company where this type of support has never existed will be a sizable change. The president understands that some employees and managers will love the opportunity to develop additional skills, while others will resist having to undergo training because it is costly, time-consuming, and takes them away from their job.
Step 2: Assuming the role of company president, write a one-page brief explaining how you can begin to engage employees at all levels and enact the principles of a learning organization. See guidelines for creating a business brief here. For this brief, be sure to include: 
1.Creating a supportive learning environment
2.Establishing concrete learning processes and practices
3.Leadership that reinforces learning 
Once you are finished, submit your case analysis as an MS Word document.

Use APA formatting generally and for in-text citations and references.

4. Final Project Milestone 2: Organizational Conflict

For Milestone 2, you will perform a root cause analysis on conflicts or issues within the organization you selected for the Milestone 1assignment. In addition to the root cause analysis, you are to create a rationale for change regarding the root cause analysis. You will use the 5 Why's worksheet to complete the assignment.
Below is some additional information regarding root cause analyses which you can consult to substantiate the assignment discussion.
Root Cause Analysis: Tracing a Problem to Its Origins
Root cause analysis, explained with examples and methods
Root Cause Analysis
Problem Solving With Root Cause Analysis

Becoming a Learning Organization


Use APA formatting generally and for in-text citations and references.

5.Final Project: Organizational Change Plan

By now, you have completed both Milestone 1 and Milestone 2, which is more than half of the project. To complete the final portion of your Final Project, you will create an organizational change plan in the format of a PowerPoint presentation. Do not just copy and paste the information from past worksheets or assignments into your PowerPoint slides. Think about how you can present your work in an engaging manner, either through images, slide layout, or use of charts and diagrams. Also, be sure to use APA formatting for in-text citations and references.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be formatted using the following headings for each slide, and include the following information:

Slide 1: Title
Label this slide as Organizational Change Plan for (insert the name of your organization)
Include your name, date, and BUS 6070 – Final Project
Include the audience for the presentation and your role
Slide 2: Description of current situation
Include between three and five bulleted points to summarize the Milestone 1: Description of the Organization assignment
Describe the key factors surrounding the current situation for the organization, including culture, communication, and leadership
Address in detail the reasons why the current situation needs change, that is, the sense of urgency and rationale for change.
Note: Since this presentation can be longer than eight slides (minimum), you may wish to include two slides to address the description of the current situation.
Slide 3: Description of desired change
What makes this change necessary?
What makes this change desirable?
Include between three and five bulleted points to summarize your root cause analysis from the Milestone 2: Organizational Conflict assignment
What leadership skills are necessary to make the change happen?
How will the change be communicated? Be sure to emphasize the aspect of a global communication plan and leveraging the use of technology.
Note: Since this presentation can be longer than 8 slides (minimum), you may wish to include two slides to address the description of desired change.
Slides 4-7: Description of detailed change plan
This portion will comprise a major part of your presentation. Provide a detailed plan for how the organization you selected is to transition from its current situation to its desired future. Your change plan should clearly address the necessary steps in a change process as they specifically relate to this setting. Be sure to use one of the models of change from Module 2.
Connect your change plan to relevant theoretical models of leadership
Utilize your course readings, course presentations, and personal experience and research to support the process and plan you recommend for use.
Viewing your organizational change plan as a leader's roadmap to the organization’s desired future, what projected tangible benefits can be expected by implementing your plan?

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