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Instructions for Academic Writing Assignment

General Instructions for Academic Writing Assignment

• Bachelor Students are to write an individual essay of minimum 1500 and maximum 2000 words. Before embarking on the assignment, you should read Part 5a (Academic Writing handbook) and 5b (Plagiarism Policy) of the Education and Examination Guide (EEG).
• Students must submit their essay before the deadline through Turnitin submission online areas.
• All submitted files should be in a digital editable format preferably MS Word.
• Students will be randomly selected for Presentations. Therefore, all students should be prepared. Details will be communicated to the selected students.

General Instructions (applicable to both Part 1 and Part 2)
This Exam consists of 2 Parts. Please read questions carefully FIRST before choosing a country to analyse for Questions 1 and 2. Make sure that you have access to sufficient data to answer the questions. Be sure to answer ALL the questions in Part 1 and in Part 2.Make sure to explain and supply sufficient relevant evidence for all your answers, as well as use the appropriate academic writing requirements. Students are required to check the Moodle for: EEG_PART 5a - Academic Writing Handbook and Plagiarism Policy.

Choose a G20 country that you are interested in. Read the questions and check data availability before choosing. Also, this cannot be the same country you have used in previous exams for this module.Note that the aim is not to simply present data but rather to emphasize analysis of the data and application of the economic principles that you learned in class.

1. Please write a short report including all the following elements (50 points; Minimum 1000 words):
a) Research and describe how the following economic indicators and policies have changed in the country over the past 10 years. Years 2010 to 2020 data should be readily available. Adjust the timeframe based on data availability, if necessary.
a) GDP
b) Inflation
c) Unemployment
b) Analyse and explain the main fiscal and monetary implications of the changes in the indicators and policies?

2. Now focus on changes in the energy sector in the same G20 country over the same time frame that you examined in Q1 (25 points; Minimum 500 words)

Answer all the following questions:
a) Define and analyse the overall market structure and identify the market type based on facts and figures. Do research on the number of companies in the sector,the market share of the top three suppliers, and possible barriers to entry.
a) Discuss changes in the energy market, examining if there was any market consolidation (reduction of suppliers) which may have influenced the overall market structure.


Note that the aim is not to simply present data but rather to emphasize analysis of the data and application of the economic principles that you learned in class.
3) The market for low cost, trendy shoes (Q = pair of shoes) can be described by the following equations: QD = 10 - 2P and Qs = 4 + P. Answer all the following questions:
a) Analyse demand and supply in this market, equilibrium, and the price elasticity of demand and supply.
b) Now the government wants to set a minimum price of 8 euros for each pair of shoes. How will this decision affect the quantity demanded and quantity supplied?
c) Price is not the only factor that determines how much bread people will buy. Discuss 3 other factors that may affect the demand for shoes.

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