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New Zealand Cancer Action Plan 2019-2029: Improving Breast Cancer Healthcare Delivery

Task 1 – 500 words [20 marks]

1. Please consider assignment writing tutors must have good knowledge about nursing assignments.

2. Would you please write the assignment in comprehensive and straightforward reading language?

3. Materials used for the assignment must be less than five years old[e.g., books &journals etc..]

4. Would you mind making sure content and evidence writing on the essay referred from New Zealand and NZ health education system?

5. Would you please make sure each task has a word limit?

Please read the easy break down on each task. On each task, I need these questions answered very clearly and follow the APA 7th standard . Please avoid using bullet points, flow charts, or pie charts, and ensure that a word count given is used for each task. Whatever content is included in this essay is only from New Zealand and not from any other country.

Very important task 3: I added a pamphlet link; please write only about that pamphlet.

Essay Topic ; [2000 words 10% for introduction & conclusion]

“New Zealand Cancer Action plan 2019-2029. -Breast cancer ”

1. Choose a new Zealand health strategy/plan:  New Zealand Cancer Action plan 2019-2029.

2. Chose a specific health condition related to chosen plan and discuss how it proposes to improve the delivery of healthcare services of health consumers experiencing this condition- health condition chosen is breast cancer

3. Discuss how the strategy/plan proposes to improve delivery of health services for consumers experiencing the condition?

•What is plan doing well/ not so well?

•Strengths/weaknesses of plan?

•Use examples from the health condition, e.g. breast cancer

Choose a population group:__ maori  women with breast cancer , age group 45 to 69yrs.

Describe the healthcare needs of the specific group

I have attached few documents which are helpful

1 Examine the social determinants of health that contribute to the condition three social determination point should ne added on this task
Risk factors are linked to social determinants.  THINK…   What are some risk factors associated with the condition?

2 Examine why the social determinant (1) is a problem/how it affects development of the condition and affects access to health care on an equitable basis

*You could have more than 3 social determinants depending on the condition

1. Choose a NZ pamphlet or booklet that is related to your condition (& above group):

Evaluate how effectively the pamphlet/booklet responds to barriers to health access.

2. Discuss the role of the nurse in health promotion:

-Limitations/weaknesses of the role?

3. How would the nurse use the pamphlet/booklet to help health consumers?

Use specific examples from the pamphlet

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