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Managerial Economics Group Project on Real Estate Sector in Qatar

Question :

Project Outline

This is a group project the main aim of this project is to show in-depth understanding and application of managerial economics concepts. We would like to see how effectively and successfully you can make use of the theories and concepts learnt in managerial economic course, and eventually, apply them in real life economic activities. Each team should select an issue or a case or some critical observations on something that they believe, is a challenging economic (not financial) phenomenon in Qatar (real estate) 

1. Collecting data


2. Analyzing demand and supply for residential and commercial units (variablesthat may explain the housing prices, etc.)


1. Estimate the market demand


2. forecasting the demand


3. global integration


4. social responsibility of the leading firm in the industry

The main idea of this group work is to use the analytical tools learned in this course to study specific market of a product/industry. Describe the economic context and business environment in which the selected company/industry operates is crucial to understand the decisions undertaken by the leadership team and all (internal & external) stakeholders. This would help in estimating and forecasting the demand, estimate the production and cost functions. The steps involved in the analysis and estimation include the analysis of the decisions and assess their optimality based on the documented evidence (profit, loss, market share, expansion, etc.). The purpose of this work must clearly identify the potential (or hypothetical) uses of the results. Structure of the project report include the following sections:

This section addresses the following topics: a) why the analysis of the selected company/industry is important? And to what extent is relevant to the economy of Qatar? How important are the managerial decisions to the firm/industry, the local, regional and global economy? What is the underlying economic problem (e.g., is it about allocating resources, understanding consumer or firm’s behavior, estimating demand or cost functions)?

This section describes the type (agriculture, industry or services) and the key features of the market being analyzed. The description may include the identification of the economic sector, the market structure (competitive, oligopoly, duopoly, etc.). The analysis may also outline the stakeholders and provide additional characteristics such as location, type of product, etc. If the industry/sector is subject to any government restrictions/interventions you may emphasis them. If the firm is performing corporate social responsibility activities, it is important that you highlight the main achievements.

This section explains the conceptual framework that you consider while you conduct your analysis. For instance, if the project is about estimating a demand function, you are expected to elaborate on the variables that you consider key determinants of the quantity demanded. You need to be very specific and clear about the choice of the dependent and independent variables. A justification of your selected variables is necessary (references from other studies, etc.). Use previous/similar studies (and your expertise) to make assumptions and hypotheses about the market. For example, in the case of demand, you may discuss:

1. the expected relationship between the quantity demanded and price of the good;

2. whether the good under analysis is a normal good;

3. Predictions about the sensitivity/elasticity of the quantity demanded to changes in the key determinants such as the price of the product, price of substitutes/complements, if any,

Describe the data sources; label and explain each variable used in this study; generate the descriptive statistics (i.e., mean, correlation, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values) and discuss the key variables.

4. Estimation/Forecasting/Analysis methodology (2 – 3 pages)

You explain in this section the methodology of the analysis, whether this is a regression analysis with Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), or time-series analyses, variable forecast, etc. You also explain here the variables chosen for the analysis (based on what you explained in Section 3).

5. Results (1 – 2 pages)

You introduce and discuss the results of your statistical analysis. What are the main findings of your analysis, and what can we learn from your work?

 6. Conclusions and recommendations (1 page)

1. Do you consider the managerial decisions taken in the last 2-5 years were optimal and contributed to the objectives of the firm?


2. If the company management, to improve the performance of the firm, consults you, what managerial recommendations would you give?


3. What are the limitations of your analysis (for example, you would include other variables but the data is not available, etc.)


4. Future research directions.

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