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Job Satisfaction Canvas: Analyzing Person-Task Fit, Value Gap, and Perceived Equity

Answer the questions in each building block of the job satisfaction canvas. Please make sure that you provide brief answers in each cell. Where required, you need to briefly justify your answers in a given cell and consider the linkages with answers given in other cells (building blocks) of the canvas. Please make sure you use organisational behaviour terms and concepts when you answer the questions.

You can complete the job satisfaction canvas focusing on yourself and your job. If you don’t work, you can interview a friend or a family member who works and provide answers to the questions using information they provide. The goal is that you compare the existing characteristics of someone’s job with their personal goals, interests and their characteristics and find out about the existing gaps between the ideal situation and the existing situation. This can help to determine if the existing job fits the person’s characteristics, goals, … or not and identify what are the causes of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction for the person.  

Your skills and abilities

· What are you good at? What are activities or tasks that you can do easily?  What types of soft and/or hard skills do you have (e.g. emotional intelligence, painting, analytical skills, …)?

· In a few sentences explain why you think you are good at the skills you outlined (refer to some examples to justify your claims)

The nature of tasks at your work

· What are the critical tasks that you perform regularly at work (mention those tasks that distinguish your occupation from others)?

· Describe the nature of your tasks (e.g. What aspects of your tasks is routine? What aspects of your tasks are complex or involve creativity/innovation? Does your task involve controlling your emotions? Does your task involve dealing with ambiguity or uncertainty? …)

· For these tasks to be accomplished what types of skills (soft or hard) and abilities are needed?

Task -person fit

· Complete wheels of life and determine if your current job is in line with your interests, personality, abilities and the nature of people who you like to interact with.

· Explain which of your interests are not met, which abilities are not used, which personality traits are not a good fit with your current job, and if you interact with people whom you like to or not at your job.

Your personality

· Describe the way you like to work and relate to others. In other words, what are your key personality tendencies (e.g. being an Introvert; conscientious, …)? Look at some personality tests or models (e.g. MBTI, or big Five). which of those personality types or traits resonate with you? Outline your personality traits and in a few sentences provide some examples showing that you have those traits.

Your interests

· What excites you (e.g. money; health and fitness; spiritual growth….)? What intrinsic motives and what extrinsic motives/needs do you have?

· What is your value system (What are your values? And what is the priority of your values?)

People whom you like to interact with

· Describe characteristics of people whom you like to interact with in your life? What types of people do you like to have around you (socialise with, work with, interact with) in general? You can talk about their abilities and their personality or characteristics (You can also mention what types of people you don’t like to interact with)

People whom you interact with at work

· Describe characteristics of people whom you work with (include your supervisor, co-workers and/or clients and customers you serve)

Value you aim to offer to people/society

· Mention activities you would like to do in the future to help people considering your skills, abilities, as well as needs of people/groups whom you would like to help (e.g. I would like to help X people/group through Y activities)

Value you currently offer to people/society

· At your current job, how do you help people? To put it in other words, what value do you generate for people (including your supervisors, clients, co-workers, other organizations and the society)?

Gap to create Value

· What is the gap between the value you currently generate for people and value you want to generate? Does your job allow you to create impacts that you want?

What you Give (costs for you)

· What are the main costs (soft and hard) you currently incur at work (Examples of these costs can be qualification you have, time you spend at work, and even different types of risks involved)?

What you get (benefits to you)

· List intrinsic and extrinsic benefits/rewards you gain (e.g. happiness, social support, money, ….) in your current job


· Considering costs and benefits: Is it worth working in the current place?  Is doing the current work too costly for you? Do you think you have the abilities and skills needed? Do you believe that you deserve your job and its benefits?

Job satisfaction

· Considering your answers in cells about person-task fit, value gap and perceived equity, briefly explain what can be causes of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the current job

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