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Relationship Between Leadership and Organisational Performance: A Critical Literature Review

Different styles in leadership

Requirement This is the critical writing analyse (Literature Review ) -identifies the significances -evaluate strength and weaknesses -weighs one piece of against another -makes reasoned judgements -argues a case according to the evidence -shows why something is relevant or suitable -indicates why something will work -identifies whether something is appropriate or suitable -identifies the timing is of importance -weighs up the importance of components parts -gives reasons for selecting each options -evaluates the relative significance of details -structures information in order of performance -shows the relevance of links between pieces of information Requirement (Literature Review Writing ) Must put in text citation Must harvard Harvard referencing Must use a journal article at least 15 to apply to this Literature review Paraphrase     1. Critique debates on contemporary issues in business that influence leadership, strategic decision making, and responsible management. 2. Contextualise, synthesise, and critically evaluate the inter-disciplinary literature in business and management 3. Develop and support an argument using evidence, analysis, and critical reflection based on academic and practitioner literature. 4. Communicate management concepts and arguments effectively to specialist and non- specialist audiences   Depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject area -Excellent knowledge and understanding of the multi disciplinary pertaining to the field of study -Contemporary debates in the literature have been critique well using latest research publications -Literature review shows excellent research skills based on academic and practitioner literature   Abstract ,introduction and conclusion -Abstract must have excellent summary ,clear and comprehensive for specialist for non-specialist audience -Introduction must provide an excellent overview of field of study , and explains and justifies the scope of the review robustly -Conclusion must have drawn using evidence ,analysis  and reflection based on the preceding review of literature Critical review and synthesis -It must provide excellent critical review of the  multi-disciplinary literature on the topic and identification -synthesis of the relationships between various perspectives, ideas , concepts and strands of literature -must have provided arguments develop confidently and supported by strong evidence and analysis   Presentation ,academic language and quality of sources  -Must provide excellent structure of the assignment and formatting of the document -All citations and references are presented and in the Harvard referencing format -provide Information is sourced from top ranked peer reviewed academic and practitioner publications     The Assessment Task(Literature review ) The assessment task is to write a 2000-word literature review on the following topic – “Topic :The relationship between leadership and organisational performance” Students could narrow down the scope of the literature review on to specific aspects of leadership such as types, styles, etc and its inter-relationships with specific facets of organisational performance such as financial performance, innovation performance, sustainability and responsibility, and so on. Another way to narrow down the scope of the review is to focus on a particular industry and evaluate the relationship between leadership and organisational performance in that industry. The literature review must critically evaluate and synthesise the current state of knowledge on the given topic. Therefore, it is recommended that only articles published in the last 5 to 7 years be reviewed for this assessment as it will provide an overview of the contemporary debates on the topic. It is also recommended to use articles published in the top-ranked academic and practitioner journals given   Abstract To be written after the work is completed   This literature review seeks to examine the relationship between leadership and organizational performance XXX Ard. 2 paragraphs (max 100words)   1. Introduction 100 words +/- To bring the topic alive Leadership and the 2 (chosen framework) + Org. Performance Highlight the importance of the concepts/theories Your interpretation of this Leadership is an important management role that aids in maximizing efficiency and achieving organizational objectives. XXX   Suggestion: ard. 2# XXX  There are a large number of papers on this topic being carried out in many different countries with different organizational sizes and types of companies, but very rare articles that fully summarize the effects of leadership styles on organizational performance based on different circumstances. End with a statement to link to the writing (act like a thesis statement) Include the references (at least more than 1 for each #) 2. Suggestion Leadership importance? Your storyline Constructive in your writing Balance your paper Issues - make sure you will have more comments with the flow from the author. At the same time, you need to “balance” # you must demo the understanding and importance. # around 250 words According to Robbins (2006), "Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of goals.” In his book, leadership is described as a critical subject in management. XXX   Organizational performance refers to a company's capability to meet goals, such as robust profit, high product quality, market share, positive financial results, and survival, using the right action plan at the right time. (Koontz & O'Donnell, 1993).XXX     3. Different styles in leadership According to Newstrom and Davis (1993), XXX Your input on the different types 2 to 3 types Evaluate the findings   According to Jung (2001), a transformational leadership style XXX     4. The relationship between leadership style and organizational performance Put in the effort to expand your strengths and understanding DO NOT DESCRIBE INTERPRET and “CONSTRUCTIVE evaluate” Add  more weight (idelally more than 3 #) According to Khajeh (2018), XXX   Positives / Pluses Need to consider “the other side” However, XXX   In contrast, Jing & Avery (2016), XXX   Balance - the various author’s views     5. Transformational leadership styles   Many research findings on XXX “Main emphasis”   6. Transactional leadership styles “main emphasis”   Regarding transactional leadership, xxx     7. Evaluation between the dif leaderships Suggest to be IN! Evaluate the challenges of the 2 concepts When, How, Why? usages According to Waldman, Ramirez, House, & Puranam (2001) xxx   Show the balance On “the other hand” On the contrary, ixxx   8. Conclusion You saying Your SAY! References? Based on the studies that have been done on this topic, XXX Max. 150 words  

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