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CIS016-1 Principles of Programming


Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding  

Comprehend and use basic programming concepts and data structures related to high level programming within the object-oriented programming paradigm.  

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities  

Apply knowledge and understanding of basic programming concepts and data structures to develop a software solution using a modern high-level programming language.  

What am I required to do in this assignment?

From the Unit Information Form (UIF)

You will submit an artefact (piece of software) as specified in the format outlined in the detailed assessment brief for the unit which will use your knowledge and skills of computer programming and software development.

Assignment description

Students should complete the assignment as an individual assessment but you should not be discouraged from discussing and working on your solution with other students, respecting the guidelines on social distancing. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic you are discouraged to meet physically, so please use online means instead – Skype, WhatsApp, GitHub, etc. Please follow the advice given by the UK government and use common sense! If you receive support from others please make sure you understand the solution and are able to explain it, e.g. in the video to submit.

Since this is a Referral Assignment you are not expected to attempt to develop and implement the entire case study / task description but should aim to implement a part only.

For instance, and to provide you with some indication, you might choose one of the following examples:

·An application to allow a student user to register, login, view events and make a booking

·A complete use case, ie. event booking or cancelling, as a GUI with basic JDBC

·A selection of use cases, ie. all student use cases, GUIs only (no database/JDBC)

·A database containing events, students and bookings as well as JDBC-based classes that wrap around your database (no GUI required)

You need to submit a word-processed report detailing the work that you have done.  You are advised to use the Report Template available on BREO.  This, at least, indicates the sections that you need to include. We encourage to use BlueJ but you can use any IDE of your choice.

You need to submit a video recording presenting your work.  The video should explain the application, and demonstrate and discuss the code.

You should upload your zipped / compressed program.  


Consider the attached task description.  

1.Develop an appropriate part of the Extra-Current Events Management System (see Task Description).  

2.Code and test the critical features your application using programming facilities of Java language, such as, GUIs, JDBC etc. Please carefully design your database using your database design and SQL skills.


1.Project Report (max 4500 words or 10 pages) - 20% of grade

Illustrate and justify your choices in analysis and implementation.  Provide evidence that you actually tested your code.  Any code may go into the appendix, except core classes and snippets of code that you may explain in the main text.  Please do not exceed the page limit as you may be penalised.  

This is a formal report and attention should be given to the format of this work.  You should include a title page, table of contents, heading and sub-headings (introduction, main part, summary, appendices), and Figure Nos and captions for diagrams and screenshots.  You are strongly advised to use the report template provided.

A template for the report has been uploaded to BREO

2.Individual Video Presentation, 30% of grade

You must upload a short video of up to 5 or 10 minutes maximum in which you explain your solution.  

3.A .zip file containing your running artefact (complete program code), 50% of grade  

Provide a .zip file containing your running artefact.  Instructions how to run the code should go into the project report above. Ideally, please submit a project that can be opened with BlueJ.

Please also be prepared to give a short demonstration of your artefact if requested by the teaching staff (you will be notified accordingly).

Note: The teaching staff will be happy to advise you at any stage during the development of this program.

Is there a size limit?

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to:

•Write a piece of programming code for a given scenario that solves the problem posed  

•Reflect upon your strength and weaknesses in relation to the programming project which you have undertaken and use these to improve your program code  

• Outline a test routine to check the logical correctness of a program you have written and provide the results of your testing demonstrating a working piece of code.  

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

Design and implement a working application to meet the case study specifications. Provide a professional report that well explains your application and how you implemented it.

Since this is a Referral Assessment the maximum grade you can achieve is 40%

How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

The assignment lets you critically reflect and apply the programming solutions and methods presented in the lectures and practical sessions in order to solve a given problem.

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