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Construction of Semi-Detached Houses: Coursework Portfolio

Section 1: House Construction Details

Coursework Context This coursework is based specifically on the proposed construction of a pair of semi-detached dwelling houses. Each student is required to produce their own individual portfolio of drawings, pictures and a word report.

Section 1 of the portfolio must be produced on A3 paper. The orientation of the sheet should be ‘landscape’.

Sections 2 and 3 of the portfolio should be A4 ·

Section 3, Appendix and Reference must be produced on A4. 

Section 1: House Construction Details. This first section of the portfolio is based only on a single pair of houses that are proposed to be built by a speculative housing developer utilising “traditional” brick and block construction. An example of a detached house is provided. You are required to produce one A3 annotated detail sheet relating to specific elements of the house. The sheet should consist of hand drawn details, together with handwritten supporting information. An example of a detail sheet is provided in the Appendix B.   You can select from one of the following: The buildings substructure, including the foundation and ground floor, the external wall up to damp proof course level, and the relationship between these components. The pitched roof construction, including the form of structure, the covering, the provision for thermal insulation and prevention of condensation, and the relationship of the roof to the external wall.

Brief hand written notes to identify the performance requirements and the key provisions of the Building Regulations and associated Approved Documents which relate to those elements of construction shown on the detail sheet.

You must ensure that your construction details provide sufficient information. In some cases, it may be possible to achieve this with a single construction detail, whilst in others some supplementary details may be necessary. However, each detail sheet will be limited to one sheet for both drawings and text.

The sheet must be well laid out to provide a clear mix of text and drawings. Sheets must also be clearly titled, and information provided on scale (1:10), date, module etc.

Unless you are experienced in construction drawing it is recommended that you submit your drawings in pencil.

The lectures and associated tutorials will provide extensive guidance on the technical requirements for each of the items and will also provide some guidance on the production of drawings.

In addition to the detail sheets you must include an appendix to your portfolio which contains the supporting information on which you have based your construction details. This will consist of photocopies of the details on which you have based your portfolio. It should not include text based information such as extracts from text books, manufacturer’s literature or from the Building Regulations approved documents, but should consist only of the drawings and graphical details which you have used as guidance in preparing your portfolio.   Note: The supporting information in the appendix to your portfolio will not be separately assessed but will be used as background information in the overall assessment of the portfolio.

The drawings and data sheet in the Appendices provided are indicative only – they are not intended to provide comprehensive information about the form of construction. You must ensure that your details comply with current Building Regulation requirements, regardless of what information is provided in the Appendices.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Word Report with pictures   This section is also based on the same pair of semi-detached houses proposed for construction by the developer. The developer is considering alternative methods of construction and has decided to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using modern methods of construction.  They are particularly interested in ‘off-site’ construction techniques. Some examples of such systems include, but are not limited to:

Metek Building Systems   You are required to carry out research and select an appropriate modern method of construction which is capable of producing a pair of semi-detached houses suitable for the developer’s site. Describe the important features of the actual method of construction you have chosen. Compare your chosen system with traditional brick and block construction. You should specifically highlight the relative advantages and disadvantages with regards to the building process.  

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