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Design and Assembly of an Idler Roller - Engineering Assessment

Learning Outcomes

This assessment satisfies the following learning outcomes. The assessment is an individual design work that includes the design & assembly of an Idler Roller. Please refer to the module guide for the complete list of learning outcomes.

LO3 Identify and apply quantitative and computational methods in order to solve engineering problems

LO5 Identify and manage the design process (including cost drivers) in simple systems and describe outcomes

In this assignment, you will be designing and assembling an idler roller. Idler rollers are cylindrical parts that allow the transportation of components through a machine, process, or environment to achieve smooth and continuous materials movement in supply management applications. Idle rollers are used in different applications ranging from Aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, mining, and packaging.

The design of parts of the idler roller will be based on the supplied Engineering drawings of components of the idler roller. You are expected to design the shaft (x1), bushings (x2), roller and bolts (x4) to your own dimensions and specifications. All assembly parts must be constrained appropriately to ensure their motion (translational and rotational) is the same as they would have in practice.

This is an individual assignment. The module tutor can offer support when needed and requested. However, every individual has the responsibility to defend their design according to their creative ideas. The module tutor will discussthe assignment brief in the class, and students can ask questions to improve their understanding of the tasks required. Relevant lecture materials have been discussed and uploaded on Moodle. Lectures have been delivered to analyse design problems, develop appropriate design techniques, and carry out simple calculations to solve the problem efficiently.

The deadline for submission is Thursday, 9 December 2021. The submission must be made via the Turnitin link provided on Moodle. Upload the report (1,200 words) and the compressed (zipped) folder separately. The following deliverables must be submitted:

A short report (pdf or word document) detailing your design based on engineering drawings supplied.

2D General Assembly (GA) drawing (pdf copy) – GA assembly of the Idler Roller consisting of plan/elevation, front and side views, as a minimum. The drawing should focus on individual parts in the assembly, including their isometric views. This will include detailed view, sectioning, hidden line details, limits and tolerance, scales, etc. BS8888 standards are to be followed for this GA drawing. A part-list should be included in the drawing, including a column showing the “part number/drawing number” to allow tracing back to each component for convenience and sequential. Clear indicate relevant symbol for the angle of projection you use.

3D designed parts and assembly – in a compressed (zip) folder with appropriate names and an assembly of the idler roller along with detailed drawings of each part. The names of each component should reflect their function, such as base plate, shaft, etc. The constraints of the assembly must ensure the parts move as they would in practice

Have you used the appropriate plane to begin your parts modelling? 5%

Have the 3D parts modelling been completed correctly? 10%

Have parts been fully constrained and orientated correctly? 10%

Have the assembly parameters been completed correctly? 5%

Are all components present in the assembly? 5%

Have the roller, brackets, and shaft been fully constrained correctly? 5%

Have the part parameters been completed? 5%

Can you rotate the roller freely without detaching or misaligning it? 10%

Design description & drawings Marks

Does the title block include relevant details such as projection symbol, name, drawing/part number, units, drafting standards, etc., in the detailed and GA drawings? 5 %

Are appropriate dimensions and section views present? 5 % 5

Is the BOM present in the GA drawing? Do the part numbers, materials, and quantities in the BOM match the designed parts and the description of the design? 5 %

Does the description of the design address key questions such as what is an Idler Roller? Where is it used, and why has it been designed in a particular way? 10 %

Are the specifications for each designed component present in the design description? 5 %

Have the materials been appropriately selected? Has a cost analysis been conducted sensibly? 5 %

Is an appropriate manufacturing and assembling methodology present in the design description? 5 %

Are appropriate references to literature present in the design description?

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