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Research Methodology for Banking Sector in Sri Lanka

Chapter Overview

Research Methodology –(1500 words)

3.1 Chapter Overview

3.2 Research Philosophy and Justification: (e.g. positivism, interpretivism or pragmatism) 

3.3 Research Approach and Justification (e.g. deductive, inductive or abductive)

3.4 Research Method: Quantitative or Qualitative 

3.5 Research Strategy and Justification (e.g. case study, survey, action research, experiments, grounded theory)

3.6 Data Collection method and justification (e.g. Primary, secondary, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observation, documents/reports) –Note: discuss how you have designed the questionnaire/interview guide in detail. Sampling methods, pilot testing etc.)

3.7 Data Analysis Methods (e.g. statistical methods for quantitative studies e.g. descriptive statistics, hypotheses testing using (t-test, chi square, correlation and regression)

For qualitative research could use thematic analysis, content analysis, narrative analysis, template analysis)

3.8 Ethical considerations

Methodology & data collection for my Research

Primary data collection method will be utilised - Form of a questionnaire consist of 15 direct general questions related to the chosen topic.

Sample size - 50 banking staff representing all the job categories in the bank (Associate level to senior management level)

Chosen Organization – As my topic is Banking sector in Sri Lanka have considered few states banks & private banks in Colombo Sri Lanka. And would not intend to have any permission from a responsible individual in the chosen few organizations to carry out the primary data collection.

The questionnaire will be shared through banking employees in professional groups of LinkedIn, Messenger through Facebook, and email to reach out. Further will be shared with the Association of Professional Bankers Sri Lanka the professional body consists of many bankers.

The questionnaire will be carried out anonymously and would be the stricter style of major privacy than confidentiality, as the status of the participant, continues privately to me. Further the individual responses would not be linked with their identity. This can make the respondents feel at ease and reply to the entire research question accordingly.

I need to develop a questionnaire to collect my data. The previous questionnaire I did was not to the satisfaction level of my project supervisor. This was his remarks for the questionnaire submitted

“It needs major revision. you must use scales -statements from previous studies (draw a table of scale /statement along with each respective source).

you need around 8-10 statements to measure each- T&D, Engagement and retention, so a total of 25-30 statements on SD-SA Lickert scale. Search scales to measure each -T&D, Engagement and retention.”

The Areas need to consider for the questionnaire

Banks should seriously focus on enhancing employee engagement to ensure sustained profitability and growth

10 Ways of measuring employee engagement (vance 2006)

  • Pride of employer
  • Satisfaction with employer
  • Job satisfaction
  • Opportunity to perform well at challenging work
  • Recognition and positive feedback for one’s contribution
  • Personal support from one’s supervision
  • Effort above and beyond the minimum
  • Understanding the link between one’s job and Organization mission  
  • Prospects for future growth with one’s employer
  • Intention to stay with one’s employer

Training & Development

  • Talent rewarding strategies
  • Talent engagement strategies
  • Talent empowerment / organizational performance
  • Perceived training opportunities (PTO)
  • Perceived Investment in employee development (PIED)
  • Employee development / Employee productivity

Employee Retention

According to Mike Poskey at, seven (7) steps lead to increase employee retention:- 1. It is necessary to conduct job analysis audit with behavioral assessment and cognitive reasoning assessments with skills assessments of an employee before he / she recruit for a job. 2. It is also necessary to implement job-designed assessments with selection and recruitment process. Techniques of structured interview should be adopted to select right person for right job. 3. Provide high quality of employee orientation and socialization. The employees that are hired by the organizations are resource for their future success. 4. It is necessary to implement programs for their employee training and development. Professional development should be done for employee to show the commitment of an organization. 5. Relationship between manager and employee should be better at all. That can hold to retain an employee with organization. 6. A competitive and equitable pay system is required to be introduced. 7. Succession planning should be encouraged. Role of employees should be cleared.

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