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Quality Assurance and Testing for Java ATM Project: Guidelines and Practices

Task 1: Produce a quality assurance plan for the Java ATM Project

Task: Task 1: Produce a quality assurance plan for the Java ATM Project (10%)  You are required to follow IEEE Standard 730 to produce a quality assurance plan for the Java ATM Project.  Deliverables:  Include a quality assurance plan for the Java ATM Project in your final report.  Task 2: Software Quality Model (10%) You are required to use ISO/IEC 9126 to discuss 2 quality characteristics and their sub-characteristics you might wish to address for the ATM project. Explain each of these and suggest how you might attempt to measure these. Deliverables:  Include your discussion in your final report.    Task 3: Software Quality Management (10%) You are required to identify the issues you think as relevant in setting up a quality management system (QMS) in this department, and recommend an appropriate QMS.  Deliverables:  Include your discussion, recommendation, and justification in your final report.   2.Software Testing  In this section, we will give you a complete example of object-oriented analysis, design, and programming applied to a moderate size problem: the simulation of an Automated Teller Machine. All the Java source code and documents are available. These source code and documents are copyrighted by Russell C. Bjork. Permission for non-commercial reproduction for educational use is granted. You need to understand the requirements (customer and user needs) and read the material of system analysis, overall design, and detailed design. Set up the environment, review the source code, run and play with the ATM simulation program provided.  For testing purpose, we will change some parts of original program and provide you with the source code with errors. You should import the project into the Eclipse environment for further testing tasks. Task 4: Produce a test plan for the Java ATM Project (10%)  You are required to test this ATM simulation application (all functions) and produce a detailed test plan following the IEEE Standard 829. The test plan is designed to prescribe the scope, approach, resources (constraints), and schedule of all testing activities.  Deliverables:  Include the test plan in your final report.  Task 5: Testing Practice (20%)  Imagine that you are required to test ATM PIN functions of this ATM simulation application: Critically analyse the testing methods of black box, Junit and formal method for ATM simulation program. Select and justify your testing method. Write a test case specification and conduct your testing. Discuss the method used, how the testing went and lessons learned.  Deliverables:  Include all the test cases, your test results and discussion in your final report. 3.Literature review The world's increased dependence on software-enabled systems has raised major concerns about software quality. Software Quality Assurance and Testing are becoming more and more important to ensure considerable flexibility to accommodate various business needs. In the last section of the coursework, you are required to investigate trends in testing with new technologies, methodologies, and tools. You should use the knowledge you learned from this module to classify the literature and identify the knowledge gaps. You can combine your current work experience or research interests to carry out a review on one of following topics (You can adjust the title to reflect your review content).   Task 6:  review of (40%) Cloud based testing Mobile testing Testing of context aware systems/embedded systems/cyber physical systems Testing of Cloud computing/Edge computing/IOTs Agile testing Testing automation/tools Quality assurance and testing on an open source project AI & software testing

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