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Integrated Renewable Energy Project Essay - Course Assignment Issue 1-2019

Answer Format

Introduction You are required to write an essay as part of your formal submission requirements for the course. This will count towards 20% of your overall mark, with the remainder from the exam. The essay should discuss an integrated renewable energy project for a location or scenario of your choice. The project must include at least two types of renewable energy technologies and clear statements on how the combination of these technologies provides a benefit to the end users, added social value, environment and climate change. Explain how other technology (e.g. energy storage, CCS, CCUS etc.) could be deployed to improve the system efficiency. Use journal references and calculations to support your work. The essay can build on existing scenarios or be a new one of your design. Clearly state what parts of your idea are original and/or how you are building on current infrastructures and the project location. An example proposal idea This scheme is based on an existing idea but is a good example. Small island location with good wind levels (Outer Hebrides) with existing wind turbines generating electricity into the grid. Instead of energy storage to be used in periods of over-capacity which regularly happen at night, the turbine’s electrical output will be used to split sea water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is to be used as the fuel for tourist hire cars. Answer Format One side of A4 typed, references are included in the one page. To reinterate, the essay is just one side of A4. Include the essay title, your name and matriculation number at the top of the page.Use font size 11 point, Arial, and all margins are to be no smaller than 2cm. Notes on creating a good submission In your proposal you must clearly identify the location or scenario chosen, why the scheme is beneficial and potential problems with your proposal. This submission is a summary of your idea. In the summary include as much technical detail as possible with the minimum of unnecessary background or additional information. The technologies must be clearly and directly linked/integrated. It is not considered acceptable to propose wind turbines to power the national grid and household heat pumps for domestic heating as the two ideas are indirectly linked as they need the infrastructure and smoothing capacity of the National Grid, they cannot be directly connected together. Clearly state the benefits to the end users, environment and climate change. Clearly state the references you use for the journals at the end of the essay. You must state what parts of your idea are original and/or how you are building on current infrastructures and the project location by referencing.
Renewable Energy Course assignment Issue 1-2019
Inlcude diagrams, they should convey as much information as possible and ideally should be your own, if they are not your own, reference your source in the figure title. Include references at the end of the proposal [1, 2, 3]. Marking You will be marked on:
•The quality of your idea and its uniqueness
•The clarity of presentation of the idea.
•The quantity and quality of technical information presented
Below are the marking guidelines that will be used by the assessors.
Overriding marking criteria
•Does the project break any laws of physics that the student should be clearly awareof, for example have they created a perpetual motion machine – if this is the casethen a pass mark cannot be awarded•Are the technologies presented in an integrated fashion – if not then the questionhas not been answered and a pass mark cannot be awarded.
•The quality of the idea and its uniquenessoIs the idea more than a simple copy of two existing schemes?oAre the projects suitable to the location or scenario?oIs a clear benefit of this proposal explained in terms of end users, social value,environment and climate change.•The clarity of presentation of the idea..oCan the idea be clearly understood, are all parts of the project described?oAre any sketches or drawings adding useful data or concepts?oIs the assignment written for the correct audience, an engineer who has studiedrenewable engineering and is comfortable with the technology?•The quantity and quality of technical information presentedoIs the idea placed in context?oAre power or energy estimates realistic?oAre estimated values for efficiency, flow rates etc reasonable?oAre the explanations of the technologies correct?oAre the difficulties of the project highlighted and are they of a sufficient level ofassessment, not just a repeat of information from the taught course?
[1] Use this notation to quote references. Include the first author (e.g. Name, A.) and et al. if
more than one name, (year of publication in brackets), paper title, journal name in italics, volume
number in bold, section number in brackets, page numbers.
[2] Primary sources of information are preferred as references, these may be peer reviewed journals,
books and in some cases web pages especially if referencing government data. Any web page must be
referenced correctly including the date you last accessed it. Remember this is all to be on one page.
[3] The choice of essay is entirely up to you. No emails will be a

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