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Energy Efficiency Analysis and Recommendations


The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:

1 The ability to analyse energy data using spreadsheets to determine energy efficiency of buildings and industry.

2 The ability to set targets and monitor against these targets for individual energy and water use within buildings.

3 Ability to recognise energy saving opportunities in buildings and industry from survey data, and analysing time series data.

4 Ability to propose measures to reduce energy use in buildings and industry, and how to make the case for investment in energy efficiency to decision makers.

Late submission of coursework policy: Late submissions will be processed in accordance

with current University regulations which state:  “the time period during which a student may submit a piece of work late without authorisation and have the work capped at 40% if passed is 14 calendar days. Work submitted unauthorised more than 14 calendar days after the original submission date will receive a mark of 0%. These regulations apply to a student’s first attempt at coursework. Work submitted late without authorisation which constitutes reassessment of a previously failed piece of coursework will always receive a mark of 0%.”

Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practices:

These include plagiarism, cheating, collusion, copying work and reuse of your own work, poor referencing or the passing off of somebody else's ideas as your own. If you are in any doubt about what constitutes an academic offence or bad academic practice you must check with your tutor.

Successful completion of this coursework will demonstrate:

· Systematic understanding and critical awareness of the concept of the degree day and it use by energy managers.

· Ability to analyse time series data and identify potential energy saving opportunities using regression based analysis techniques.

· Critical evaluation of how monthly and half hourly data can analysed.

Please note that all assignments should have the students' name on the front page, otherwise will not be marked. Please also number all pages.

1. Your assignment should take the form of a technical report suitable for a building manager.

2. This may include an executive summary at the beginning of the document (typically between one half to two pages maximum) describing the measures proposed.

3. This should also include a separate section outlining the energy efficiency measures proposed (as opposed to throughout the analysis section). Please include all diagrams and graphs within the main body of the text.

4. The basis for any merits or deficiencies that you find in the analysis technique used should be logical argument proceeding from observed fact, where possible.

5. In practice, certain facts are often not at your disposal. It is important, then, that you justify any assertions that you make very carefully, and provide a balanced view (‘for’ and ‘against’) whenever absolute certainty is unavailable.

Benchmarking - use of benchmarking to identify building performance

Regression - demonstrate degree day plots and analysis, are control faults present?

Cusum - demonstrate ability to produce plots and draw conclusions from these, rebase if necessary.

Half hourly - draw sensible conclusions from half-hourly plots - what time series does this represent, are control faults present?

Utilise survey data - make sure you make maximum use of the survey document which is included - many energy saving measures can be identified without looking at the energy data.

Logical progression - the report must follow a good logical progression from analysis of energy and survey data, to recommendations made.

Recommendations - marks will be awarded for recommendations for energy saving. Something is possible for every building.

Overall understanding - a mark will be awarded to reflect overall understanding of the module.

A provision in the marking scheme exists for a small amount of extra marks to be awarded for any additions which benefit the assignment which do not fall into the above list.

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