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Systems Analysis and Design Report: Planning, Analysis, and Design

In this assignment, you are expected to find a client to work with. A potential client can be a small organization who would like to develop an information system, e.g., a website, a customer relationship management system, an appointment booking system, etc. A potential client can also be a large organization who would like to enhance an existing business process of its department, e.g., Tesco would like to improve the customer store experience with the IoT sensor installed in the basket of fresh fruits and vegetables to monitor the stock of these fresh foods. You can find the client by yourself or you can choose one of several clients recommended from the lecture to work on your project. 

Suppose your client would like to develop an information system based on their business needs, your group is acting as the consultant company to provide a systems analysis and design report to them to assistant your client to develop their information system. Your report is expected to apply all the skills and knowledge you have learned from this course to develop the report to your client. You shall develop a report to document all stages of systems analysis and design of a project, from the initial system request, feasibility analysis, requirements analysis, requirements definition, functional models, and all design stages including (class and method design, data management layer design, human-computer interaction design, and physical architecture design).

The following are the breakdown of the section marks for each report.

The format of a Systems Analysis system report (50 marks out of overall module marks)

1) Table of Contents

2) Executive Summary (2marks)

A summary of all the essential information in the proposal so that a busy executive can read it quickly and decide what parts of the plan to read in more depth

3) Systems Request (3 marks)

The system request form provided by a template (provided after week 1).

4) Feasibility Analysis (3 marks)

The feasibility analysis using the information from the analysis phase

(A detailed cost-benefit analysis table should be provided separately for 4 marks) the cost benefit analysis table should be setup according to examples given in textbook and class.

5) Requirements Definition (6 marks)

A set of the functional and non-functional business requirements for the system

6) Functional Model (10 marks)

This part models the business processes. It should have an activity diagram (4%), the major use cases (4%), and a user case diagram (3%).

Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) Life cycle

7) Structural Modelling (7 marks)

This part further models the system with the CRC card (2%), class diagram (3%) and object diagram (1%).

8) Behavioural Modelling (8 marks)

This part models the systems dynamics with behavioural diagrams. Sequence diagram (2 marks), communication diagram (2 marks), behavioural state machine (2 marks), and CRUDE matrix (2 marks) shall be here.

9) Group Report (2 marks)

The group project should include the details of the work distribution among you so that I can weigh individual contribution. Tasks such as coordination, setting up the groups, interviewing with client, researching the task should be included. Each one’s workload should be written clearly in the group project report. The suggestion for this part is 1 page (500 words). Please be reminded that your marks will be deducted without a group report. (1%)

Besides the group report, the group should also record down any interview script with the lecturer, where the detailed requirements of the projects are documented. (1%)

10) Individual contribution (up to 5 marks deducted if no or less contribution)

Each member of the group is going to be marked for the part they contributed. Students who didn’t contribute won’t be deducted for up to 5 mark for their part.

11) Writing, references, and presentation (5%)

Design (individual activities) (word limit: 1500)

12) Class and Method Design (10 marks)

This part designs classes and methods of the information system from functional models. You are expected to produce the contract form and method specification form. Given there are many contract forms and method specification forms, each group member will work in 2 contract forms and 2 method specification forms individually.

13) Data Management Layer Design (10 marks)

Please discuss how you are going to design the format of storage, maps the classes to the selected format, optimize the storage, and designs the data access and manipulation classes for your project individually.

14) Human-Computer Interaction Layer Design (10 marks)

Please discuss how to design the user interface of your chosen project individually.

15) Physical Architecture Layer Design (10 marks)

Please discuss how to design the physical architecture of your chosen project individually.

16) You are expected to reflect what you have learned during the Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) course and team project. So, you have done your team project and completed your project report, it’s time to reflect your personal experience with the systems analysis and design knowledge. (10 marks)

Systems Analysis

Systems Design

Systems Analyst

Team project experience

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