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Design and Implement Zoology Game and Quiz using C#

Learning Outcomes

1 Use UML and to design object oriented, interactive, data-driven, applications.

2 Use a modern IDE with an object oriented programming language to create interactive, data-driven, applications.

3 Demonstrate theoretical and practical skill in the design, implementation and testing of applications making use of object oriented approaches such as classes, message passing, overloading, data connectivity, inheritance, threads and patterns.

For this coursework you are going to work in pairs (groups of two). If necessary, a group of three or one may be formed - only with your tutor’s approval

You were approached by a wild animal park who wants to promote zoology (knowledge about animals) knowledge to children.

As part of their services the company decided to distribute to its members games or quizzes for their children, and they are looking to hire contractor developers to build them.

You and your partner are short listed to get your first job as contractor developers for this company and to convince the company manager that you are the right people for the job, you are required to design and implement one game OR a quiz as a standalone application using C# programming language.

Requirements for the quiz and game (only one to be implemented by each group)

1) A zoology quiz

Level 1: The quiz should have between 10 and 20 questions in regarding animals. The questions should belong to a particular category: jungle animals, birds , etc. The questions should be at least of 2 different types:

  • multiple answers
  • feeling blank spaces
  • order options,

Some questions can have an image

The quiz should calculate a score at the end and based on the score it should come up with information regarding the questions were not answered correctly. The quiz should use animations to make it more user friendly.

Level 2: the quiz should have a certain number of random questions from each category. A pool of questions should be persistently stored.

A Question should be able to be added to the system through a friendly interface, which would allow to set the category and type.

  • Example of games:

There are 12 cards, with animals’ images and 12 with the names of the animals, so in total 24 cards. At the beginning of the game the cards are randomly placed in a grid of 4X6, all face down. The player turns 2 cards at the time. If the cards show and image and its related name, then the cards are removed, otherwise they are paced back in the grid. The game finishes when the player removes all cards.

Level 2: the player should choose how many pairs of cards should the grid have. These should be randomly selected. The information about cards and image files should be persistently stored. A card and its corelating match should be able to be added to the system through a friendly interface.

The application you build should store the player’s name and all the scores (for the game or quiz) for that particular player. The player should be able to see his/her past performance as a graph.

All deliverables are mandatory and they should include technical documentation, user documentation, an electronic copy of the coursework application and acceptance testing.

Technical documentation

Please make sure that you include a title page and table of contents.

  1. Design diagramsusing UML. At least:
  1. use case diagram
  2. class diagram
  1. This section must also contain an explanation of your design ( approx. 500 words)
  1. A list of bugs/weaknesses and/or strengthsin your system (approx. 500 words).
  1. The source codewritten by you, including appropriate comments. Do not include automatically generated code.
  1. Completed self- assessment forms
  2. A completed copy of the work breakdown formon the last page of this document.

As a group you will fill in a pro-forma (from the end of this document) that will enumerate all the tasks that you and your group partner tackled and completed as part of this coursework, and the involvement of each member of the group in each task. This will be used in part to establish the individual contribution of each member of the group. The pro-forma must be agreed and signed by both members of the group.

  1. A concise specification of what your application does (approx. 200 words).
  1. Screen shots of the working application together with explanations.
  1. User instructions if appropriate

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