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Design of a Three-Storey College Building with Wind Load Calculations, Cantilever Beam Design, Colum

Task 1 - Wind Load Calculations

1.This is a written report/assignment. You are to submit calculations, diagrams, sketches and other material related to your solution. Written responses must be clearly presented on A4 sheets. Your completed solution must be clearly indicated.

2.This assignment should be presented in the form of a report with each task a new main heading and each part of the question a sub-heading. Please refer to UK and EU codes of practice 

The Client who is a private investor needs a three storey, framed college building. The building frame provides the structure for a series of high specification lecture rooms, exhibition hall and meeting rooms which are intended to be built in the city of Bedford – United Kingdome.
The college block can be developed with steel or concrete or a combination of both. The college block has a plan dimension of 50m by 30m. Height of each storey is 3m. The span of the beams and columns can be chosen based on RC or steel frame.
Outside the college building, there is a space to be used for exhibitions which needs to be covered with a tensile structure.

LO1 Explore deflection due to wind loadings, on fixed structures, and strategies to resist wind loading.

Task 1 - Guidance:

Calculate the following wind loads for the above scenario
Please write all the formulas clearly and referring to the clause no, figure no or Table no of the standard you are using (examples provided below). Assume the wind blowing towards the longer direction of the building.
• Dynamic wind pressure (calculation provided)
• Wind Load on the building long wall (calculation provided)
• Overall lateral load on the building due to wind (calculation provided)
• Uplift load on the roof (calculation provided) In addition, you are to:
• Discuss methods to resist/manage wind loads.
• Discuss the relationship between the building form and wind loads.
• Provide calculations for stiffening that may be required
P1 - Calculate wind loads on fixed structures.

P2 - Discuss methods to resist or manage wind loading.

M1 - Analyse the relationship between building form and wind loading.

LO2 Determine bending, shear and deflection for complex support conditions.

Task 2 - Guidance:

• Design a cantilever beam of span 4m using 275 grade steel. The beam is carrying a Dead load of 10kN/m and an imposed load of 15kN/m. Calculate the bending moment, Deflection and shear force. - (calculation provided)

• Design the same beam using Reinforced concrete. Calculate the bending shear and deflections.
• Evaluate the types of connection that will be required for the cantilever beam.
• Discuss the relationship between bending, shear and deflection.
• Critically evaluate steel and reinforced concrete and their structural efficiency in managing bending, shear and deflection.
P3 - Calculate bending and shear in complex support conditions.

P4 - Determine deflection in complex support conditions.

P5 - Evaluate structural connections in relation to complex support conditions.
M2 - Discuss the relationship between bending, shear and deflection.

LO3 Design complex columns and piled foundations based on calculations.

Task 3 - Guidance:

• Design the columns with eccentric loading in grade 275 steel. The reactions from beam A and Beam B are given in the figure below. Apply the moment on the column due to the eccentricity as stated in BS5950

• Prepare design information required for the given scenario, utilising piled foundations and steel columns. Also calculate the loads on the piles and select a suitable diameter of reinforced concrete pile.
• Discuss the benefits of using Building Information Modelling in the design workflow.
• Assess the most effective foundation type for a given scenario in terms of ease and speed of construction, economics, safety and environmental factors.

P6 - Calculate the axial load carrying capacity of complex column, with eccentric loading.

P7 - Calculate the axial load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete piled foundations.

P8 - Prepare design information for a structure utilising piled foundations and steel columns.

M3 - Discuss the benefits of using Building Information Modelling in the design workflow.

LO4 Explore the design of tensile structures

Task 4 - Guidance:

• Give three examples of different types of tensile structures.
• Analyse and design a truss in grade 275 steel to support the Dead load of 8kN/m and imposed load of 12kN/m. The span of the truss is 8m.
• Provide the general design criteria for tensile structures.
• Provide two different design solutions for the exhibition space roof in the given scenario.
• Compare the two tensile solutions to a given scenario.
• Choose one of the tensile structures suggested for the given scenario and justify your selection.

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