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Design and Implementation of Android Application

Assessment Requirements
  • An electronic copy of your zipped Android project file.
  • A report (in word or pdf format) should be submitted as a separate document, NOT within a zip file.
  • APK file of the app alongside the zipped project.
  • A video demonstrating your working app, summarising the features/requirements you have implemented, and design guidelines that have driven your design. This should be a maximum of 10 minutes (uploaded online e.g. YouTube).

The report should be between 8-12 pages long (font to be used is verdana, 11 point). If you include either a front cover sheet, list of tables, or reference / bibliography pages these will not count towards the size of the report.  Only pages dedicated to the following sections will count towards the page limit:

1. Introduction and background

2. Design:
a. The problem statement as to what your application is intending to achieve.
b. What key features your applications going to provide including those that go beyond what was asked for in the scenario.
c. The design of what your system is going to do through the use of flow charts or pseudo code detailing the complexity of the application (i.e. the technical features that you will be implementing).  You are required to explain your decisions for your choices in your design (e.g. did you follow a standard design guideline? such as iOS or Google Guideline).
d. Personas and paper prototype (should be added to the appendix).

3. Implementation:
a. You are required to describe your implementation. To do this, short listings of code can be included within this section, but the code must be fully described, and you must justify why it should be discussed. The description must detail the features and complexity that you encountered when writing the code (for example what problems you encountered and how you solved them).  

4. Testing: 

a. How you intend to test the application to make sure it works correctly. You must describe a number of tests and determine what the outcome of the tests will be (e.g. using one of android testing methods).  
b. You must discuss how you performed your functionality testing This requires you to show, by referencing from section (in a table):
i. What the test is 
ii. The expected result 
iii. The actual result

5. Critique (one page):
a. What worked and didn’t work
b. What could have been done to make it better.

6. Appendix
a. Paper Prototype (2 pages max)
b. Personas
c. References

You will design and implement a program using Android Java (or Kotlin) on Android platform and based on an idea proposed by you or from the list of ideas provided on Now.
Project ideas should be submitted to DropBox by the end of week5 (short title along with a description of the idea (up to 200 words)), with a brief description of the application goals, contents and requirements. 

Each project should have at least two interactive mobile development features, here are some features which you can choose from:

  • Graphics: writing interactive graphics applications with fast and smooth animation for applications such as games.
  • Drawing, or access to camera.
  • Connecting and populating a database.
  • Utilising sensor inputs: audio, camera, gesture, motion (tilt, accelerometer).
  • Location-based applications, GPS, CellID or WIFI. And integration with mapping services such as Google maps Localization and mapping using GPS,
  • Wireless connectivity: it could be Bluetooth, NFC or WIFI or connection.
  • Handling audio and video.

You could also suggest other interactive features for your project.

The application can be developed for Android phones, smart watches, VR systems or/and Google Glasses.

Applications (or games) developed solely based on Unity will not be accepted. The application should include at least two Android activity.

You should produce a video that shows clearly the working features that you have implemented, and explains why they address the problem, critically evaluating the result. You should also explain the following:

Design Consideration (including discussion of usability, accessibility and design guidelines).

Implementation: Brief description and reflection of your code implementation, level of complexity, how the key features are implemented, and any additional tools/APIs used to develop the app. 

Critique: What worked and what didn’t work and how could the program be improved.

Highlight Creative elements of your app.

The Video should be about 10 minutes long.

Make sure you backup your work all the time.

All your files names should include your name and student ID.

Note that Dropbox will allow to make a submission multiple times. Make sure before submitting, that all the files you want to submit are contained there (or in the zip file you submit).
In the case of more than one submissions, only your last submission before the deadline given to you will be marked, so make sure that all the files are included in the last submission attempt and the last attempt is before the coursework deadline.

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