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Object-Oriented Programming Assessment and Coursework Tasks

Assessment Requirements

  1. Gain knowledge and understanding of OOP concepts and principles and be able to evaluate and interpret within the context.
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive analytical knowledge of design and implementation of object-oriented programmes, taking quality and reusability into account using APIs or object repositories.
  3. Employ a structural approach to test OOP based systems, using a test plan, monitoring expected and actual results.
  4. Evaluate and collect information from a variety of authoritative sources to inform a choice of solutions to standard problems; advance the knowledge of OOP; and become familiar with a variety of research methods such as qualitative and quantitative.

To achieve this module, students must attempt both parts of the assessment and score a minimum of 40% marks in each assessment. The overall weight of the first assessment is 60% and the overall weight of the second assessment is 40%. Students are expected to complete the deliverables listed in each section of the coursework.

Please read the assessment carefully and follow the instructions. Additionally, to understand the assessment better, guidance notes can be found in the Marking Criteria section.

There are three main parts of the assessment. The first is to test your knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming concepts. Secondly, is to apply your knowledge and finally to evaluate your work effectively.

During the delivery of the module, you will have several opportunities to get formative feedback on your assessment during tutorials. However, please note that this feedback is limited to recommendations on improving your work. Lecturers will not confirm any grades or marks. The feedback can be one-to-one or in-group sessions. Finally, you will receive any summative feedback within 10 working days of your final submission. Also, please note the summative feedback and the grades remain provisional until approval from the exam board.

Although your lecturer will guide you throughout the module, you can get extra support for your assignments from the ACE team. They can help you with your language, research and study skills.  You can also contact the ACE computing team for any advice on how to approach your assignments: they are not there to give you the answers!

Specific requirements for the assignment: Software required for this module is NetBeans IDE with Java JRE. The required software falls under an open licence agreement and is free to use, but please check the terms & conditions before use. Although the university provides you with all necessary hardware, it is recommended that you use your own laptops. For minimum hardware requirements please refer to the software websites.

Rotten Park Medical Centre (RPMC) is a Swindon based GP Surgery which treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. They focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care. Until recently, their patient’s appointment system was manual and now they have decided to develop a console-based program for RPMC. The receptionists will use this programme for referrals as well as to register appointments for un-registered clients who require medical assistance. Appointments should only be booked on the current day.

  • Register an appointment. The patient will be registered at this stage of appointment booking.
  • Cancel an appointment.
  • View a doctor’s entire schedule.
  • View all doctor’s schedule between two dates.
  • View a patient’s appointment details.

Depending on the option selected from the main menu, sub menus should branch out offering the user different options e.g. if option 3 from the main menu is selected, a sub menu should appear offering the user the choice to select to view all doctors or specific doctor.

When an appointment is booked, a separate sub-menu should allow the user to enter the patient’s details:

After this, the program should take the user to a sub- menu where they can select a time slot after which the program will show only the Doctors who are available at that chosen time. Four doctors work at RPMC clinic who should be pre-written in:

  1. A report on knowledge and understanding of OOP concepts and principles. To begin with, you must explain the ethos of Object Oriented concepts. Furthermore, you need to justify the use of object-oriented concepts such as inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism. Support your answer with the help of examples.
  2. Design documentation: Produce a class diagram for the scenario above using class, abstraction, inheritance, enum diagrams, or description templates. This diagram should include all possible methods and attributes you are planning to use in your program. Your diagram should accompany with brief description of use of type of relationship between classes.
  3. Development: Using your design solution, develop all the menu options (i.e. Register Patient, View Patient details, Remove Patient record, and Exit option) using the given scenario with the respected submenus.

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