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Mastering Research Methods and Concepts Quiz


Creating confident, motivated  teachers of physical education in primary schools. European physical education review, 16(1), 47-64.

What is “European physical education review?”

• The article title.

• A Journal name.

• A Book title.

• The Chapter title.

Which of these three sentences needs citations?

• Climate change is an issue of increasing concern to both the developing and industrialised world.

• The results of two recent studies suggest that the brain may have greater capacity to repair itself than previously thought.

• It is likely, therefore, that Shakespeare intended the character of Bottom to provide more than comic relief.

A hypothesis can be tested by the use of:

• Descriptive statistics

• Data analysis

• Inferential statistics

• Data preparation

Empirical research does not:

• Allow theory to emerge out of the data

• Involve testing an explicitly defined hypothesis

• Use observation of phenomena

• Use logic to prove a theory

Which of the following is not a data-collection method?

• Research questions

• Unstructured interviewing

• Postal survey questionnaires

• Participant observation

The core ingredients of a research paper are:

• Introduction; Data collection; Data analysis; Conclusions and recommendations; References

• Executive summary; Literature review; Data gathered; Conclusions; Bibliography.

• Research plan; Research data; Analysis; References.

• Introduction; Literature review; Research methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusion; References Cyber bullying at work is a growing threat to employee job satisfaction. Researchers want to find out why people do this and how they feel about it. The primary purpose of the study is:

• Description

• Prediction

• Exploration

• Explanation

A researcher designs an experiment to test how variables interact to influence job-seeking behaviours. The main purpose of the study was:

• Description

• Prediction

• Exploration

• Explanation

What does it mean when research quotes that their findings are "statistically significant" and the statistical level set was at 0.05? • That a difference found is likely to occur by chance 5 or fewer times out of a 100 and suggests that the difference is quite unusual and unlikely to be due to chance but rather a real difference between the groups or conditions.

• That 95% of the time the study will be wrong.

• That a difference found is likely to occur by chance 5 or fewer times out of a 100 which suggests that the difference is due to chance and so does not represent a real difference between the groups or conditions.

• The extent to which the difference found is simply by chance.

When would you ideally finish the writing of an abstract?

• After the main body of the report has been drafted.

• After the introduction and method sections are completed.

• Once you are aware of the results.

• Before the introduction and after the title.

• What is an ethical dilemma?

• An ethical dilemma is agreement of the different principles of moral conduct.

• An ethical dilemma is agreement of the different principles of immoral conduct.

• An ethical dilemma is conflict between different principles of moral conduct.

• An ethical dilemma is conflict between the different principles of immoral conduct.

What is the purpose of informed consent?

• In order that the participant can make an informed choice about their participation and not undertake to do something which they may otherwise have declined to do.

• To ensure that participants are not lied to about the time commitment involved in their participation.

• To make sure that participants know exactly what to expect from the research and to communicate their right to withdraw at any stage.

• All of these.

Which of the following is not a source of data which is appropriate for qualitative study?

• Experiments.

• Historical records.

• Biographies.

• Participant observations. The independent variable refers to:

• the variable which is only used in the control condition.

• the variable which shows us the effect of the manipulation.

• a variable which serves as the aim of an experiment.

• the variable being manipulated or varied in some way by the researcher.

Other Questions (1)

• What is the purpose of an abstract for an academic paper? (3 marks)

• In the abstract – what is meant by ‘Brand authority of the hosting company had a positive effect’ (2 marks)

• What is the purpose of including references to literature in a research paper?(5 marks)

• Write a research question that you think aligns with this paper and describe how you could answer it using survey methods  Other Questions (2)

• What ethical issues exist in relation to:

Collection of the data?

The interpretation of data?

Storage of the data?

For a Research Topic…

• State a hypothesis. (2 marks)

• List four search terms you would use to gather data. (4 marks)

• Describe in detail how you would go about answering the research question. Include details of : research design (2 marks) research method (2 marks) sampling and selection of data items / participants (4 marks)

• Describe any survey tools used or any experimental interfaces to be used, include how you would go about the work on the day (4 marks)

• Detail any instructions that would be given and how you would order things, (4 marks)

• Explain what the data would look like once you had collected it ( 4 marks)

• Show, with a sketch, how you would use graphs and statistical tests and descriptive statistics to show the data.

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