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ACS Citation Generator

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ACS Citation Style

ACS Citation Generator Online

Mastering the rules of ACS citation is one of the prerequisites for scoring the best grades in your chemistry assignment. However, it can be pretty challenging to remember all the rules unless you’ve spent years writing academic papers.

Thus, has developed the best ACS-style citation generator to help you breeze through the referencing stages.

How Can You Cite In ACS Citation Format? - Get A Complete ACS Citation Creator Guide

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you master this citation style, so you don't have to deal with plagiarism issues later on.

  • ACS Style Citation Rules for In-text References

You can use the numbered or the author-date system when citing references within the text. For the numbered system in the ACS citation format, you should:

  • Enter the number in the italicized form in brackets or as superscript
  • Number the references sequentially

For the author-date system in the ACS citation style, you should:

  • Include the author’s surname and publication year in brackets
  • ACS Citation Guide for Reference List

The reference list appears at the end of the paper in numerical order if you have mentioned the in-text references by number. Or, if you've cited them by the author-date system, arrange them alphabetically.

If you're not familiar with this referencing, the ACS format citation generator tool at is the best choice to help you out.

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How Our Online ACS Reference Generator Can Reduce Your Academic Burden?

Avert The Recurring Mistakes With The Assistance of

Most students tend to make innumerable mistakes while referencing their resources in ACS citation format.  There is no need for you to be one of them since our American chemical society citation generator is right here at your aid. Have a look at the common mistakes 75% of students tend to commit while drafting their papers in ACS citation style without any generator- 

  • Paraphrasing Issues

Generally, most students often forget to cite paraphrases and ruin the authenticity of their academic writing papers. Give our ACS citation machine a try and take care of all the ACS citations without stressing yourself out.

  • Incorrect Spellings

Misspelled information in referencing can be considered a form of plagiarism by your professors. Our ACS citation creator is here to prevent you from losing all your valuable marks due to inaccurate referencing in the papers.

  • Orphan In-Text Citations

The chemistry professors of your United Stated universities tend to deduct marks from the paper if you let the in-text citations hang by themselves. Our impeccable ACS formatting generator will make it easier for you to draft in-text references accurately as per the ACS citation guidelines.

  • Shuffling Periods

It is essential to place the periods properly for your chemistry papers. Opt for our ACS in-text and bibliography generator and take care of all the shuffling periods with ease.

Regardless of the issues, you may encounter while citing your papers as per ACS citation guidelines, you can resolve them all by using our ACS citation builder. So, connect with us right away, enter all the crucial academic details and start harnessing the potential of this brilliantly designed ACS citation tool at

What Does Our ACS Cite Machine Cover?

Seek Our Guidance and Be Sorted For the Term

Your professors expect you to know how to cite every resource accurately as per the ACS citation guidelines. Thus, we have designed our ACS citation maker based on standard university citation guidelines. No matter what source you want to cite, our incredible ACS formatting generator will certainly serve your purpose.

The citation machine for ACS referencing at can help you generate references for all kinds of sources. For example,

  • Books and book chapters

#. Author of Part, A. A.; Author of Part, B. B. Title of Chapter or Part. In Title: Subtitle of Book, Edition (if not the first); Editor, A. A., Editor, B. B., Eds.; Publisher: Place of publication, Year; pp page numbers.

  • E-Book

#. Author, A. A.; Author, B. B. Title of E-book [Online]; Series (if applicable); Publisher: Place, Year; Volume, Page(s). Internet address (accessed Month Day, Year).

  • Encyclopedia Entries (Print and Online)

Print: #. Author name. Encyclopedia Name (italics), Edition number; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Volume Number, Pagination.

Online: #. Author name. Encyclopedia Name (italics) [Online]; Edition number; Posted date. URL (accessed date).

  • Property Data (Print and Online)

Print: #. Chemical name. In Source Name, Edition. Author name(s). Edition number. Publisher: Place, Year; Volume, Page(s). CAS number.

Online: #. Chemical name. In Source Name, Edition. Website URL. (Access date). (CAS number).

  • Articles

#. Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc. Title of Article. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume, Inclusive Pagination.

  • Lab Manuals

#. Author 1; Author 2; etc. Title of Book, Edition Number; Publisher: Location, Year; Volume number, pp Pages Used.

  • Journals (Print and Online)

Print: #. Author of journal, A. A.; Author of journal, B. B.; Author of journal, C.C. Title of Article. Abbreviated Title of Journal. Year, Volume  (issue), page number(s).

Online: #. Title of Journal. Journal Abbreviation [Online] Year, Issue, Inclusive Pagination. Complete URL (accessed Date).

  • Reference Works

#. Author, A. A., Author, B. B. Article Title. In Title of Reference Work, Edition Information; Editor, E. E., Eds.; Publisher, Year; Volume, pp Pagination.

  • Lab Manuals and Course Notes

#. Author 1; Author 2; etc. Title of Book, Edition Number; Publisher: Location, Year; Volume number, pp Pages Used.

  • Magazines and Newspapers (Print and Online)

Print: #. Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc. Title of Article. Title of Magazine or Newspaper, Month Day, Year, page range.

Online: #. Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc. Title of Article. Title of Magazine or Newspaper, Month Day, Year, updated Month Day, Year, Page range. DOI or URL (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).

  • Thesis and Dissertations

#. Author. Title of Thesis or Dissertation. Level of Thesis or Dissertation, Degree-Granting University, Location of University, Date of Completion.

  • Websites

#. Author, X (if any). Title of Site. URL (accessed Month Day, Year), other identifying information (if any).

Our ACS citation builder has all the answers to your citation problems. Do you have any questions in mind regarding our American chemical society citation generator? Then have a word with our support team. We will respond immediately.

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Sample Question And Solution Of ACS Citation

Citation Classic From The Journal Of Business Ethic

1. What's going on?
2. What are the facts?
3. What are the issues?
4. Who is affected?
5. What are the ethical issues and their implications?
6. What could have been done about it?
7. What are the options?
8. Which option is the best and why?
Ethical dilemma refers to the problem related to making decisions between two possible moral imperatives (Allen, 2012). In the video, the CEO of the company asks the project director to deliver a product three months early without any encryption for the purpose of making much more benefits. So the project director has a conversation with the project manager and tells him that they can deliver the product early without any encryption and would include the encryption in the later updates (, 2018). Read More...

List Of Some More ACS Citation Samples For Students

How To Use An ACS Citation Maker of

Using Our ACS Citation Maker Is As Easy As A Breeze

We make sure everyone out there can use our ACS citation maker easily. Simply follow the instructions mentioned on the ACS citation style generator, and you are good to go. Here are certain crucial details that you need to include on our American chemical society citation generator.

  • The first and last name of the author
  • The publication year of the source material
  • Title of the source
  • Place of publication
  • Name of publisher
  • Full URL (if available)
  • Access date (if available)

Once you have entered all the vital details, click on the 'Generate Referencing' button. Wait for a couple of seconds, and the accurate result will be sent to your registered or valid email address. Try out our ACS formatting generator without a second thought.

How to Use Our Citation Machine ACS: A Step by Step Guide

For ACS citation, our website is the top choice for students looking for reliable resources to cite references. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can use our citation generator:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the ACS Referencing in the citation generator tool

Step 3: Provide the reference details

Step 4: Click on the ‘Generate Reference’

Our tool will generate accurate ACS references in the blink of an eye, so you won't have to spend hours struggling to come up with the proper references.


What are ACS Bibliography Generators and Examples?

A bibliography is a list of the books and other sources referred to in a scholarly work. The bibliography usually comes at the end of the work. Some bibliography examples are as follows-

  • National Center For Physical Disabilities (2018). What is IDEA? Retrieved from
  • Jonathan, J (2019). Change in the early twenties. In P.S. Bough and G.B. Jonathan (Eds.) A difference of culture in the US. Retrieved from NorthStar database.

What Are The Main Features Of Our ACS Citation Machine?

Give It A Try To Put An End To All Your Citation Blues With Ease

Most students pursuing chemistry make countless mistakes while working on their ACS citations. But, it does not mean you have to be one of them since our ACS citation style generator is right here to provide you with unmatched assistance. One look at the client testimonials and raving reviews online will help you comprehend how useful our ACS citation machine is to our clients.

Have a look at the crucial factors that set us apart from other ACS in-text or ACS bibliography generators available online-

  • Built On An Advanced Algorithm

Our ACS citation format tool is engineered on an advanced algorithm to automatically draft accurate citrates following the norms of ACS citation guidelines. Thus, you can now stop worrying about properly citing your resources when using our ACS citation creator.

  • Return Results Within A Few Minutes

It takes only a couple of minutes to get the necessary results using our ACS citation builder. Simply follow the instructions mentioned on our website and wait for a few seconds. Our exemplary tool will return brilliant citations in the blink of an eye.

  • 100% Accurate Results

Most students worldwide trust our ACS citation maker as it returns 100% accurate results. Why don't you try it out yourself and see the results? Get in touch with us if you have any queries about our reliable ACS citation tool.

  • Charges Not Even A Single Penny

Unlike most other websites, we don’t charge a single buck for using any of our tools. Our citation generator of ACS style is free! Use our tool and bid adieu to plagiarism accusations in no time.

What are you still waiting for? Give the best acs citations generator and witness the magical difference in your grades right away. Simply log in to to stay away from all sorts of anxieties concerning your academic endeavors. Hurry up before it’s too late!

List Of Some More Reliable And Comfortable Tools For Students

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q 1. How do you cite a website in ACS?

Ans: To cite any website in your paper, you must stick to the following format:

#. Author, X (if any). Title of Site. URL (accessed Month Day, Year), other identifying information (if any).

Q 2. How do you cite a website with no author in ACS?

Ans: In ACS, a website citation with no author would follow the format:

#. Title of Site. URL (accessed Month Day, Year), other identifying information (if any).

Q 3. How do you cite in ASC format?

Ans: When citing in the ACS format, you can provide the in-text citation in the numbered or author-date form. When using the numbered style, include the number in italics within brackets or as a superscript. However, if you're using the author-date system, write the author's surname and publication year.

Q 4. What is an acs citations generator?

Ans: An ACS citation is the style developed by the American Chemical Society and used worldwide to cite references in a chemistry paper. The referencing format uses both the numbered and author-date types of reference.

Q 5. What is ACS citation style?

Ans: The ACS citation style is the referencing style that students use to cite chemistry references. It usually follows the numbered citation format where you have to number the references in the order they appear in the paper.

Q 6. How do you cite a report in ACS format?

Ans: If you want to cite a report in the ACS format, stick to the format:

#. Author 1; Author 2; etc. Title of Report; Technical Report; Publisher: Location, Date; Pagination.

Q 7. Which citation style does ACS use?

Ans: The ACS citation style was formulated by the American Chemical Society for academic writing in chemistry. The ACS citation style uses both numbered and author-date systems.

 Q 8. Does ACS have in-text citations?

Ans: Yes. ACS citation style includes in-text citations. While crafting the in-text citations of ACS, references in the text are cited in one of the two ways- by number or by author-date.

 Q 9. What is the most accurate citation generator?

Ans: If you do not have the budget to hire a professional writer for citing your papers, then using the highly reliable citation generator of will work in your favor. Our citation generators are engineered on an advanced algorithm that automatically drafts accurate citations as per the guidelines of a citation style.

Q 10. What is the best citation generator?

Ans: The citation machine of works like magic. It will help you craft accurate citations for any referencing style within a minute. All you need to do is strictly follow the instructions, and you are bound to receive flawless citations for any citation style.

Q 11. How do you turn a link into a citation?

Ans: If you require turning a link into a citation, all you need to do is use the brilliant and trustworthy citation generators of Enter your URL, DOI, ISBN, title, or other unique sources of information into our citation generator to find the source. Click the 'Cite' button and simply copy your new reference from the citation generator into your ACS bibliography or works cited list.

Q 12. What does the ACS citation generator do?

Ans: ACS citation generator is a program that changes information related to a source into a citation formed in the way laid down by the ACS citation guideline so that they can apply it in their academic documents. It works in the following manner. First, the ACS citation generator gets information from the student or researcher using the tool types: author, author, title, publication date, etc. Then, the generator and the CSE citation generator outputs it in the set format.

Q 13. Who uses the ACS citation creator?

Ans: Anyone who needs the ACS citation in their document uses it. to be more specific, it is usually the students, researchers, professors, and other professionals who draft documents on chemistry, pure science, engineering, and medical disciplines

Q 14. What is ACS style writing?

Ans: ACS style is the typical procedure of writing citation designed by the American Chemical Society (ACS) for drafting documents and citing sources based and related to Chemistry. Students, professors and researchers adhere to this citation style for generating citations in Chemistry papers and assignments published by the American Chemistry Society.

Usually, it cites the references by the author's surname and publication year in parentheses. The reference list is placed at the end of the paper ordered numerically if cited by number or alphabetically if placed by author-date. 

Q 15. How do you cite in ACS format?

Ans: A source is cited in ACS format in three ways: 

With superscript

Example: In the book Megatrends, Naisbett concludes, "We are moving from the specialist who is soon obsolete to the generalist who can adapt." 3

With a number in parentheses

Example: Weber and Mathews reported related findings (9). Several other recent studies (3-5, 10, 11) indicate that...

With the author's name

Example: ... the binding behavior of BaP-linker haptens (Chen and Pellequer, 2004). Smith (1998) draws similar conclusions, but three other studies had results that appear to conflict with these findings (Axelrod, 2003; Cobbs and Stolman, 2005; Gerson et al., 2001).

Q 16. What Is An ACS Citation Generator, And How Can It Help You?

Ans: Citation reference generator cites ACS citations in three ways – super-scripting number, italicizing number and using the author's name with date format. The references appear numerically, in the order it is cited in the text.

Using an ACS citation generator helps students include referencing into their research paper, which changes a time-consuming ordeal into a simple task.

Q 17. Why Should I Use An ACS Citation Generator?

Ans: The citation machine for ACS format has its unique features. It is easy to use, accurate and approachable for all students who use it. 

Following are the distinguishing characteristics of ACS citation generator:

  • super speedy citations using a URL, DOI, ISBN, or title
  • Artificial intelligence generates citation forms that help you steer away from incorrect citations.
  • Quick tips that make citing easier

Q 18. What Is ACS Referencing?

Ans: An ACS referencing combines the lists of sources in numerical order according to the footnotes or parenthetical numbers or alphabetically according to the author's name. Usually, a reference list includes:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Encyclopedia
  • Lab manuals and course notes
  • Magazines and newspaper
  • Material safety data sheet
  • Patents 
  • Thesis and dissertation
  • Websites

Q 19. Need ACS Referencing Styles Help?

Ans: MyAssignmenthelp.Com Is Here To Help You Out

At, our engineers have designed a highly advanced ACS citation generator. Additionally, we have a team of 5000+ Ph.D. qualified writers whose knowledge and over a decade of experience in ACS citation are additional advantages. If you are looking for an all-inclusive service and need thorough guidance from an expert, contact our expert. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire writing process and accurate design citations for your assignment.


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