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Writing a Recommendation Report on Cybersecurity

This will provide an overview of a problem and solution relating to the larger Recommendation Report. A table of contents and corresponding page numbers This table should closely correlate with subheadings, and figures in the body of the Recommendation Report. A table of graphics/illustrations.

This table should closely correlate with subheadings, and figures in the body of the Recommendation Report. A one-page executive summary.

Body, including an introduction (problem, solution, background, data sources, scope and limitation) that ends with a clear thesis statement or initiative to solve the identified problem, methods, results, conclusions, and recommendations .

Effective, useful, and properly cited graphic aids (minimum of three).  Glossary that provides a comprehensive overview of specialized terminology appearing in the Recommendation Report .

Include at least four sources (from Week Two Assignment) in addition to the course textbook that are amply and appropriately cited in the text of the document and listed on the Reference page. Two sources must be credible journal articles from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library.

  1. Problem
  2. Cybersecurity breaches happen because hackers steal sensitive information over the web or through cell phones to obtain social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. (Edelman, 2020).
  3. Third-party entities sell vital information to companies using consumers’ data without their permission .
  1. Companies should buy more data protection to stop security breaches and study when breaches happen (Edelman, 2. Create applications for the cybersecurity department to stop potential security threats (Goel & Nussbaum, 2021).
  1. The first computer worm was created by Bob Thomas in 1971, which became a part of history (Townsend, 2021).
  2. In 2002, President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, in which the department became responsible for IT infrastructure and created a division especially for cybersecurity (Townsend, 2021). Also, this was filed as a bill at that time.
  1. The data sources within the annotated bibliography serve to look at the various reasons for cybercrimes and their disadvantages on consumers and businesses and address the advantages of securing information better.
  1. The scope of this report is based on information that has been previously studied to give the best outcomes from cyber breaches.
  2. The limitations of this report are to provide future awareness for cybersecurity and how to better protect businesses from potential scammers and cybercrimes.

Cybersecurity is known to be either protection or a threat to a company and can be beneficial to businesses and consumers alike: when it comes to threats, it makes companies infrastructure more vulnerable, and recommendations can be made to improve cybersecurity further, is to create a way for potential hackers to stop.

  1. I will read the articles that I have researched in my reference list.
  2. I will study some of the charts and graphs in the web sources and articles.
  3. I will not conduct interviews with cybersecurity personnel.
  4. I will not conduct a study of my own.
  1. Cybersecurity is to protect consumers and businesses alike from potential threats.
  2. Cybersecurity stops cybercrimes from happening.


  1. Cybersecurity systems protect all information and are beneficial.
  2. Cybercrimes can be minimized or stopped.
  3. Many cybercrimes have happened to various businesses, and the costs to repair are in the million-dollar range, and cybersecurity issues can be fixed.
  1. Study when potential hackers start data breaches, meaning morning, noon, or night is when security breaches happen.
  2. Create a defense that cybercrimes can become illuminated in the future.
  3. Hack into the company’s website to know how secure it is for potential attackers to retrieve consumer’s information.

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