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Sociological Analysis of Media: Film, Television Shows, Newspapers, and Books

Chapter and Form of Media Analysis

For this project, you will need to pick a film, a television series, a newspaper article, a book, a set of song lyrics etc. (or a combination thereof) that has a sociological significance.

You may choose a film from the list I have provided you at the beginning of the semester which is located on blackboard or you may choose a film of your choice or you may choose a film from the end of one of the chapters from the textbook which is also located on Blackboard under Couse Materials (as long as the film you choose was not used for extra-credit).

The film may be an old classic, black and white, animated, sci-fi, or recent film in theaters. You may also choose a documentary if you would like.

Then, based on one of the chapters we have discussed in class during the semester, convince me how the chapter relates to the form of media you have chosen.

You may use anyone, or combination thereof, of any chapters we have discussed in class. If a song is used, you must provide the song lyrics and the end of the paper. Requirements: For this paper you will need five or more references.

You may have more if you like to solidify you position.

The first will be your textbook and the chapter on which you are basing your analysis. Please, to keep it simple do not use more than two chapters.

Each chapter from textbook counts as one reference. If you use two chapters that is two references.

The second – or third - reference will be your film(s) or television show(s) If you choose to use other references to back up your thesis statement, please do so (I encourage it) and utilize the Triton College Library to assist you.

You may also use Google Scholar, but avoid Wikipedia (I do not want to see Wikipedia as a reference).

These may be journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles etc. A reference page is required at the end of the paper in APA or MLA format as long as it is consistent.

Below is an example of APA format: The completed paper should be three to five pages in length (may be longer if need be to convince me of your position.) The reference page or title page or song lyrics does not count as one page of the five-page paper.

The paper must be typed in Times Roman, 12-point font, with one-inch margins. Proofread Proofread Proofread.

Utilize the writing tips I have provided to you which are posted on Blackboard.

I will be grading hard on this portion of the paper. So, again, proofread your paper I suggest having someone else read your paper after you have finished – even I miss things after reading a paper fourteen times.

Here is what I will be looking for in your paper (this is your “road map”)

I Introduction – The first paragraph which will Include your thesis statement; what are you going to look at (about one paragraph – 10 points) II Paragraph two - which chapter you are referencing your paper on, as well as what form and title of media you are utilizing such as film or television show, newspaper, magazine article, etc.

In your analysis and why you chose these films or television shows (about one paragraph - 10 points) III Your analysis should convince me why you chose the chapter and the form of media and how do the two forms correlate with each other.

There may be more than one part of the chapter that relates to the film.

You will also want to tell me what sociological perspective you tend to argue whether it is conflict perspective, interactionist perspective, feminist perspective, or functionalist perspective.

(About two pages – maybe longer – 40 points)

Did the research confirm your thesis statement and where might there be need for further research (one to two paragraphs – 10 points)

What you learned from this project and from the class as a whole (one to two paragraphs – opinion and easy points – 10 points)

Grammar, spelling, punctuation (20 points)

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