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FIN 6406 Corporate Finance


Instructions:  Read these instructions and each question carefully.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in deductions from your grade.  This is a take home exam, and it is open note and open book.  You may use internet resources.  You can use anything to help you take the exam except for the assistance of another individual or individuals.  Additional instructions follow:

On or before 11:59pm ET of Tuesday, September 17, 2019, each student will electronically submit his or her Midterm Exam in an MS Word document via the link within the Canvas course shell.  This link will be directly located on the course homepage and named “Midterm Exam”.  Follow submission instruction from there closely to turn in your exam.  When asked for a “Paper Title”, each student will use their name followed by FIN 6406 Midterm Exam as their “Paper Title”.  For example, “Ken Johnson FIN 6406 Midterm Exam”.  The first page (title page) of the exam should contain the student’s name and FIN 6406 Midterm Exam, as well.
If there is a conflict between these instructions and any prior information provided, including your syllabus, these instructions take precedence.
If you believe a question is unanswerable, explain why and make any necessary assumption(s) and then answer the question.  Make these assumptions at the beginning of your answer in Italicprint (or otherwise highlighted) in order to stand out from the remainder of your answer.
If you believe a question has incorrect information, you are to make explicit reference to the incorrect information, provide corrected information, and answer the question.  Make these corrections at the beginning
of your answer in Italicprint (or otherwise highlighted) in order to stand out from the remainder of your answer.
If you leave a question unanswered, partial credit cannot be granted.  Therefore, make an attempt to answer all questions.  Show your work for the maximum award of partial credit.  In general, show your work.  It helps the grader decipher your thought process.
There is a “blackout” during the exam period.  Therefore, there is to be no contacting the instructor or GA (Graduate Assistant) during the examination period with questions about the exam or subject matter.
As you have significant time to complete the exam, your work product is to be organized and presented at a professional level, i.e. do not submit “sloppy” work.  See sample exams in Old Exams & Answers under Course Content in the course’s Canvas shell.
Include a Title page, Table of Contents, and the Grading Rubric (found below) in that order as the first three pages of your exam.
Assume the reader of your exam has no clear understanding of finance.  However, he is sound mathematically and has good comprehension and reasoning skills.  As for writing style, you should write to the level of a good Wikipedia article at a minimum and to the level of a textbook at a maximum.
Use the attached TVM template to exhibit financial calculations where applicable.  Do not resubmit the blank template with your exam.  If required in the question, you are to use the Equation Editor as opposed to TVM templates to exhibit your answer.  You may always, if you chose, use the Equation Editor.  Correct use of the Equation Editor (EE) in conjunction with TVM templates or standalone use of the EE exhibits higher levels of understanding, which will be reflected in your exam grade.
If needed, attach a Reference section to the end of your exam. You may follow any citation and referencing style that you desire; however, you must be consistent with its use.  There is no need to reference the textbook for the course and/or the instructor’s notes and lectures unless directly quoting.  You may not copy directly from the course textbook or any other sources.  Violation of any underlined instructions will results in a maximum score of 50% on the exam being assigned as your grade for the exam.
Where applicable use the same notation as in class.
When writing out equations, use the Equation Editor, which can be found under the Insert Tab in Microsoft Word.  Again, correct use of the Equation Editor alone or in conjunction with TVM templates provides a higher degree of explanation/teaching and is scored accordingly.
While you may employ Excel to calculate answers, do not submit Excel Spreadsheets.
Throughout the exam, you are being asked to replicate topics/materials. You MAY NOT use examples from class, the course textbook, other textbooks, the internet, or any other outside sources (including your old exams).  You must always create your own work product.  You may never represent the work product of others as your work product.  You may not use your old work product.  You must only produce current/original work product.  Work product is defined as the answers that you provide for your exam.  Violation of any underlined instructions will results in a maximum score of 50% on the exam.
Exams are to be submitted in a Microsoft Word document or be readable in Microsoft Word.  The readability of the electronic file/document that contains your exam is your responsibility.
Once exam has been submitted you may not resubmit. Therefore proof your work carefully before submitting.
A goal of this course is to produce autodidacts in the field of finance.  Accordingly, the goal of your exam should be to teach/explain the subject matter.
You may not place jpeg files in your exam, i.e. no pictures/images.  They are not readable by Turnitin.
Teach me.  Teach yourself.  Teach the world.

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