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Restaurant Management Assignment - Short Answer Questions

Define the term 'VRIO' and suggest how it can be used to improve a restaurant business.

Part A

Short Answer Questions – Answer seven (7) questions out of the following nine (9) questions.  All questions to be completed in a word file and submitted to Turnitin. Note that if more than seven (7) questions are answered, only the first seven (7) answers will be marked.

1.Define the term “VRIO” and suggest how it can be used to improve a restaurant business.

2.Explain the factors that cause high staff turnover in a restaurant and offer suggestions to manage those issues. 

3.Explain the difference between the ‘Cash Margin’, ‘Percentage Margin’ and ‘Progressive Margin’ methods in menu pricing specific to a wine list.  

4.Discuss the points to consider when creating a balanced menu. 

5.Discuss the importance of legislation with examples to ensure a successful operation.

6.Discuss how restaurants use the ‘triple bottom line’ to keep their business more sustainable.

7.Explain what is “stuck in the middle” and offer solutions how a restaurant manager can avoid it.

8.Discuss the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how this understanding can help restaurant managers improve staff retention.

9.Rachael has never been a particularly strong labour cost control person. Rachael estimates her weekly sales, and then submits that figure to her boss, who then assigns Rachael a labour budget for the week. Rachael’s operating results and budget figures for last month are presented below. 



Labour Cost

Labour Cost %




% of Budget



% of Budget

























































1.Calculate Rachael’s percentage of budget figures for both sales and labour cost. 

2.Calculate Rachael’s budget and actual labour cost percentage per week and for the five-week accounting period.

3.Explain if Rachael has significant variations in actual from the budget in both Sales and Labour Cost? 

4.Offer suggestions what caused the variations in Labour cost during week 2?

5.Offer suggestions how Rachael could lower her labour cost.

Part B

In-depth Questions  Answer one (1) of the following two (2) questions.  All questions to be submitted to Turnitin.  Note that if more than one (1) question is answered, only the first answer will be marked. 

1.Discuss current market trends and discuss how managers harness trends for a restaurant to succeed. Provide restaurant marketing solutions to ensure a successful profitable restaurant.


1.Charlotte is a Restaurant Manager and she working in a fine dining restaurant in Brisbane CBD. This month last year the business recorded a cover history of 200pax per day, and the average spend per person was $40.00. This year the covers are expected to decrease by 10% and the average spend is expected to increase by 5%. 

Charlottes budgeted staff cost is 30% of revenue, and your staff average cost is $25.00 per hour (which includes all benefits). Your manning ratio is 18:1 (customers: staff), and you will need 3 staff members from 15:00 to do mise en place, 6 staff at 18:00 to open. 100% of guests will arrive by 19:00 and 60% of guest will be gone by 22:00. The restaurant will be cleaned and reset with the doors locked by 23:30.

a.Calculate how many staff hours you can afford to roster. 

b.Calculate the number of staff required for the shift.

c.Construct a ‘Gantt chart’ for the shift and explain your decisions.

d.Explain why staff budgeting is so imperative for a restaurant.

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