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Modify a Presentation for Top’t Corn Popcorn Company

Skills needed to complete this project:

In this project, you will modify a presentation for the Top’t Corn popcorn company. You will change the look of the entire presentation by applying a theme and theme variantand creating a custom background for all the slides in the presentation. You will add content to the presentation including text (in Normal view and Outline view), pictures, an icon, a table of information, a chart, and a SmartArt diagram. You will add a transition to all the slides in the presentation as well as animate objects on a slide. You will add information to the footer area of the slides as well as a note to a slide.Finally, you will practice running the presentation, and print handouts for youraudience.

1 Change the presentation theme

2 Apply a theme variant

3 Change the slide background

4 Add text to slides

5 Add a picture

6 Add alt text to a picture

7 Change the size of an image

8 Move an image

9 Add slides to the presentation

10 Add SmartArt

11 Change the look of SmartArt

12 Enter text in Outline view

13 Align text

14 Add a numbered list

15 Change line spacing

16 Add a shape

17 Add WordArt

18 Change the layout of a slide

19 Create a table on a slide

20 Apply and modify a slide transition

21 Apply an animation effect

22 Modify an animation

23 Add the date to the footer

24 Insert slide numbers

25 Add custom text to the footer

26 Delete a slide

27 Add a note to a slide

28 Start the slide show

29 Navigate the slide show using the mouse and keyboard

30 Print handouts

1. Open the start file PP2019-Capstone-Level3. If the document opens inProtected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of thedocument so you can modify it.

2.The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.

3. Change the presentation theme to Basis.

4. Change the variant to use the blue background option (the fourth option in the Variants gallery).

5. Change the background of a slide in the presentation.

a. Verify you are on Slide 1 of the presentation

b. Display the Format Background task pane.

c. Select the Pattern fill radio button.

d. Select the Sphere pattern for the background. It is the last option in theseventh row under Pattern.

e. Apply the background to the title slide only.

f. Close the Format Background task pane.

6. On Slide 1, click in the subtitle placeholder and type the text  Popcornwith Capitol Toppings

7. On Slide 1, insert the toptCornLogo image from the location where you saved the data files for this project.

8. Change the size of the logo to be 2" in height by 3.02" in width.

9. Move the logo to the upper right corner of the slide, so it looks like the figure below.

10. Insert a new slide after Slide 4 using the Title and Content layout. Add the text our Corny Process as the title for the slide

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